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1 Prevalence of Depression in Mothers of Disabled Children (Down syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Autism and Physical Disability)

Author: Mohmad Saleem Chesti || Sheenam Gazala || Shilakha Chaman || Juzair Rasool Sheikh || Naveed Shahzad
435-441 View

Author: Ashraf Al Akkad
431-434 View
3 Effect of Supervised Strengthening Program Along With Retro Walking In Patient with Knee Osteoarthritis To Improve Pain, ROM And Function: A Case Report

Author: Dr. Ruchika Jaiswal || Dr. Aditi Pathak || Dr. Satyam Bhodaji*
426-430 View
4 Effect of Functional Electrical Stimulation and Exercise in Muscle Functional Position in Quadrilateral Pain Syndrome: - A Case Report

Author: Dr. Aeraj Shaikh || Farrukh Ali || Dr. Satyam Bhodaji*
422-425 View
5 Advanced Laser and Interferential Therapy in Pes Anserine Bursitis: An Occupational Rehabilitation Based Case Study

Author: Dr. Asawari Patil || Dr. Satyam Bodhaji*
418-421 View
6 Management Of Median Nerve Palsy: Our Experience

Author: Farooq A Bhat || Bashir Ahmad Bhat || Mir Mushtaq || Zahoor Naikoo
414-417 View
7 Role of HRCT and 3D VR CT Images In the Evaluation of Temporal Bone Pathologies

Author: Dr. Shamima Banu. A || Dr. G. Balachandiran
406-143 View
8 Common Injuries in Ballet Dancers and Their Preventions and Treatment

Author: Napasorn Tanthathoedtham || Kanyaphat Setchoduk
398-405 View
9 Evaluation of Safe Zones for Mini-Implant Placement in Different Dentoskeletal Patterns: A Radiographic Study

Author: Dr. Chhaya Barapatre* || Dr. Jeevan M. Khatri || Dr. Virendra Vadher || Dr. Arvind Nair || Dr. Shalabh Baxi || Dr. Gangesh B Singh
390-397 View
10 Neurological Outcome in Road Traffic Accident and Spinal Cord Injury in Port Harcourt

Author: Lekpa Kingdom David || Chinagorom Ibeachu
278-283 View
11 Etiology Of Pancytopenia In Kashmiri Population ( A Hospital Based Retrospective Study)

Author: Dr. Saymah Rashid || Dr Fahim Manzoor || Dr Nusrat Bashir || Dr Sheikh Bilal
380-386 View
12 Ensuring Old Lifestyle: A Factor Found In A Successful Means Of Healthcare Management In Older Adults During COVID-19 Pandemic.

Author: Tananat Tassanapreechachai
373-379 View
13 A Rare Progression of Malignant Otitis Externa: A Case Report

Author: Shahitha Banu Rahiman || Sivasubramaniyan K.M || Geetha Kishan Siddapur || Nikhilesh O.G
368-372 View
14 A Case Series on Congenital Gastrointestinal Anomalies with Acute Abdomen in Adults

Author: Prof. Dr. V Vijayalakshmi D.G.O.,M.S, || Dr.M.Sabarigirieasen M.S || Dr. Maruthapandian P || Prof. Dr. R Kannan
362-367 View
15 Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma of Lung: Primary or Metastatic? – A Case Report

Author: Dr. Vishnu. K. R. || Dr. Jaimie Anandan || Dr. Nandakumar. G.
357-361 View
16 A comparative evaluation of cyclic fatigue resistance of Trunatomy, Hyflex EDM, Twisted and Plex V files in continuous rotary motion: An in-vitro study

Author: Dr. Anil K Tomer || Dr. Geetika Sabharwal || Dr. Hysum Mushtaq || Dr. Sachin Poonia || Dr Ayush Tyagi || Dr Lungdin Leima Cecilia
351-356 View
17 A Comparative Study to Assess the Impact of Covid-19 Lockdown on the Incidence of Acute Complicated Appendicitis in a Tertiary Care Center in Kanchipuram

Author: Dr. Rajakeerthana D MS || Prof. P Ragumani MS || Dr. Imran Thariq Ajmal MS
343-350 View
18 Awareness of Physical Therapeutic Procedures for Low Back Pain in Medical Staff Working In a Tertiary Care Hospital

Author: Joji Joshua Philipose || Roshin Mary Varkey* || Riju Mathew
331-342 View
19 Efficacy of Traditional Medicine on Respiratory Pathogens in Association with Covid 19 Suspected Orofacial Cleft Cases

Author: T.Ashiq || S. R Sri Ramkumar || S. Vinoth || N. Mugunthan || R.S .Uma || R.Ragunathan
318-330 View
20 Admission Hemogram Panel in Diagnosing and Predicting the Severity of COVID-19 Patients in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Kerala

Author: Bhagya Lakxmi C* || Vasant P K || M Gopalakrishna Pillai
311-317 View
21 Evaluation of Various Diagnoses in Ovarian Fluid Cytology: A Two Year Study

Author: Dr. C.S. Chhatrasal || Dr. Manish Panth || Prof. Dr. Ashok Panchonia
307-310 View
22 A Comparative Study to Compare the Efficacy of Honey Dressing With Normal Saline Dressings in Wound Healing

Author: Dr. Sukhdev V Adhikari || Dr. Lisha Suraj || Dr. Sameer Kadam
300-306 View
23 Posterior Elbow Dislocation with Ipsilateraldistal End Radius Fracture – A Rare Case Report

Author: Dr. Saumil Patel || Dr Akhil Bansal || Dr.Shripal Doshi || Dr.Fenil Shah || Dr. Bhavya Shah
294-298 View
24 Case Reports on COVID Pneumonia with Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

Author: Krishnapriya M K* || Karthika S || Kavya Surendran || Dr Dona Maria Jetto
263-271 View
25 Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice among Health Care Workers on Pharmacovigilance and Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR)

Author: Dr. Parama Sengupta || Prof. (Dr) Tania Sur
243-262 View
26 Comparison Of 0.5% Bupivacaine Versus 0.75% Ropivacaine- Onset, Duration And Quality Of Brachial Plexus Block Through Ultrasound Guided Interscalene Approach

Author: Dr. Neha Rai || Dr. Aradhana Devi || Dr. Gayatri Jain || Dr. RL Gogna
238-242 View
27 Effectiveness of Muscle Energy Technique versus Sleeper Stretch on Posterior Shoulder Tightness among Volley Ball Players

Author: T Sunil Kumar* || K Sasi Kumar || Ch Ashok Chakravarthi || K Venkata Surya Prakash || M S Ravi Kumar
230-237 View
28 Knowledge, Awareness& Perception Of People Using Facemask In The Community For Preventing The Spread Of COVID -19 In Maharashtra, State Of India: A Cross-Sectional Study

Author: Dr. Doss Prakash S.|| Dr. Kowshik Reddy B2. || Dr. Priyanka Rathod || Dr. Mayuri Zanwar || Dr. Rutuja Gangadhar Ghodke || Dr. Priti Chavan || Dr. Geeta Shelke || Dr. Vidya Kadam || Dr. Gayatri Batkulwar || Dr. Sheetal Swamy || Dr. Sanskruti Tahakik
221-228 View
29 Endobiliary Stenting of Common Bile Duct after Open CBD Exploration for Choledocholithiasis

Author: Tariq P Azad* || Mubashar Akram || IramShokat
215-220 View
30 Asymptomatic Intracranial Arteriovenous Malformation with Large Intranidal Aneurysm and Micro-Aneurysms

Author: Bhavini Gupta
210-214 View
31 Fibromyxoma of Maxilla – A Case Report of Rare Odontogenic Tumor

Author: Dr. Praveen Kumar Pandey || Dr. Priya Kumari || Dr. Pankaj DayalDwevedi || Dr. Vaibhav Pratap Singh || Dr. Satya Prakash Gupta || Dr. Dipyaman Sen
203-209 View
32 Clinical Profile of Heart Failure Patients - A Descriptive Observational Study

Author: Dr Sahil Agarwal || Dr. Jatinder Kumar Mokta || Dr. Kiran Mokta || Dr Neeraj Ganju || Dr Monika Raj || Dr Ramesh
195-202 View
33 Histomorphological Patterns of Malignant Bone Tumors

Author: Dr. Urvashi Andotra || Dr Rashmi Aithmia* || Dr. Aneeta Singh Malhotra || Dr. Anil kumar Sharma || Dr. Arvind Khajuria
191-194 View
34 Clinico histopathological Study of Leprosy

Author: Dr. Sanchita Sunil Sanghai || Dr. Kalpana Bothale || Dr. Sadhana Mahore
180-190 View
35 Vaccine Hesitancy and Potential Solutions by Using the Health Belief Model as a Guideline

Author: Nattapong Suwanmontree
175-179 View
36 Immunohistochemical Profile of Breast Cancer Patients: ER, PR and Her 2/neu

Author: Dr.Hemangi Patel || Dr. Meena Patel* || Dr. Hansa Goswami**
167-174 View
37 Inflammatory Fibroid Polyp of the Ileum: A Case Report and Review of Literature

Author: Parveen Rana || Anu Sharan || Kulwant Singh || Sunaina Hooda || Swaran Kaur
162-166 View
38 Postlysis Angiographic Profile In Young ST-Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction Patients: An Observational Study At Tertiary Center In South India

Author: Dr. Dar Amin || Prof. Dr.M.Nandakumaran || Dr. S.Murugarajan || Prof.Dr. Ashok Victor
146-160 View
39 A Comparative Study of Different Stains and Rapid Urease Test for Detection Of Helicobacter Pylori In Various Gastroduodenal Lesions

Author: M. Gomathi* || S. Aishwarya || V. Eswari
133-145 View
40 Knowledge And Attitude Of People Towards Corona Pandemic:A Survey

Author: Dr Shweta Chouhan || Dr.Rita Chouhan || Dr.Vijayta Sharva || Dr S.K.Chouhan
119-130 View
41 COVID-19 Vaccine Astrazeneca, a Boon ora Bane: Thrombocytopenia, a Probable Consequence

Author: Aswin Sarath || Senthil Madasamy* || R. Kameswaran
113-118 View
42 Aetiology and Clinical Profile in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation in Tertiary Care Centre in Eastern India

Author: Swapan Kumar Halder || Samir Kumar Roy || Karthikeyann P. S
108-112 View
43 Aplastic Anemia Following Epstein Barr Virus Infection In A Child: A Case Report

Author: Dr. Jyothi Janardhanan || Dr. Sushant Mane || Dr. Nisha Yadav || Dr. Rajratna Chopade
97-98 View
44 Upper Lip Bite Test and Ratio of Height to Thyromental Distance for Predicting Difficult Airway Intubation

Author: Dr. Anirban Banerjee || Dr. Sayantan Mukhopadhyay || Dr. Sagar Rai || Dr. Prof. Gautam Piplai* || Dr. Prof. Mausumi Niyogi || Dr Amit Koomar
89-96 View
45 Complications in Severe Covid 19 Infected Individuals: A Case Report and Review of the Literature

Author: Dr. BhanuMannava || Dr.SuryaKiran Mudigonda || Dr. David Tarun Birru
83-88 View
46 Understanding the Biologic Width: A Questionnaire Study

Author: Dr. Ashpreet Kaur || Dr. Piyush Pandey || Dr. Shruti Dabi || Dr. Ravikiran N || Dr. Sameer Ahmed || Dr. Vatsala Singh || Dr. Kratika Baldua Porwal || Dr. Madalsa Singh
75-81 View
47 Evaluation of SARS nCoV-2 Neutralizing Antibodies Obtained from Vaccinated Individuals in Treatment of Covid-19 Disease: A Descriptive Pilot Study

Author: Sona Mitra || Ashish Bavishi || Anant Marathe || Arti Muley || Hema Bhojani || Krishna Kant Shiromani
65-74 View
48 KMIT–R.AI.DIOLOGY:AI driven Mobile and Web platform for Radiology Imaging Diagnostics

Author: Dr.R.Devika Rubi || Dr.C.Vaishnavi || Dr.Rajasekaran Subramanian * || Nishchal Singi
38-49 View
49 Prevalence of Low Back Pain among Cab Drivers in Nagpur City

Author: Dr. Deshmukh Priyanka K(M.P. Th) || Dr. Pathade Vaibhavi V (B.P. Th) || Dr. Akhtar Pooja M (M.P. Th, PhD)
26-37 View
50 Pectoralis Major Myocutaneous Pedicled Flap: Our Experience

Author: Farooq A Bhat || Bashir Ahmad Bhat || Mir Mushtaq
21-25 View
51 Two Stage Flexor Tendon Reconstruction in Hand: Our Five Year Experience

Author: Farooq A Bhat || Bashir Ahmad Bhat || Mir Mushtaq
16-19 View
52 Diagnostic Utility of Pleural Fluid Cell Block Analysis in Malignant Pleural Effusion and Its Comparison withthe Conventional Pleural Fluid Cytology – An Evaluation of 63 Cases inaTertiary Care Hospital

Author: Rajashree Pradhan || Tanushree Mondal || Sajeeb Mondal || Subrata Pal || Mrinal Sikder
10-15 View
53 Blockchain in Health Care, Evolutionary or Revolutionary – An Evidence Based Review

Author: Dr Kathiresan Ravichandran* || Dr Sona G Therathil || Dr Poojitha MC || Dr Sowndarya Gunasekaran || Dr Nainan PI || Dr John Smith
01-09 View

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