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International Journal of
Medical Science and Current Research

Article Correction Policy

International Journal of Medical Science and Current Research (IJMSCR) Provide facilities for print and online corrections manuscripts. The version of an article which is published online is considered the final and complete version. Even though it is possible to correct this version, our policy (in common with other publishers) is not to do so, except in very limited circumstances.

We are only able to correct typographical errors in the following: author names, affiliations, articles titles, and abstracts and keywords. In such cases, an erratum or corrigendum would be necessary as well (see below), so that there is a record to explain the difference between the online and print versions.

We can publish a correction to your article if there is a serious error, for example with regard to scientific accuracy, or if your reputation or that of the journal would be affected. We do not publish corrections that do not affect the contribution in a material way or significantly impair the reader's understanding of the contribution (such as a spelling mistake or a grammatical error).

Please send an email to : or  if you need any changes to be effected.


An erratum will be used if an important error has been introduced during the production of the journal article (one that affects the publication record, the scientific integrity of the paper, the reputation of the authors or of the journal), including errors of omission such as failure to make factual proof corrections requested by authors within the deadline provided by the journal and within journal policy.

We do not publish errata for typing errors except where an apparently simple error is significant (for example, an incorrect unit). A significant error in a figure or table is corrected by publication of a new corrected figure or table as an erratum. The figure or table is republished only if the editor considers it necessary.


A corrigendum is a notification of an important error made by the authors of the article. All authors must sign corrigenda submitted for publication.

In cases where co-authors disagree, the editors will take advice from independent peer-reviewers and impose the appropriate amendment, noting the dissenting author(s) in the text of the published version.


Upon submission, authors are encouraged to submit names of reviewers who they deem appropriate to review their paper. Authors may also indicate persons to whom they do not wish the manuscript sent for review. In most cases, articles will be reviewed by at least two reviewers as well as the editorial staff to determine validity, significance, novelty, and potential impact on the field of contents and conclusions. The selection of reviewers will be made on the basis of expertise, impartiality, and equal distribution among the available experts, regardless of geographic origin of the manuscript or locations of the reviewers.

On their recommendation, editors will accept, accept with revisions, or reject a manuscript.

To make good judgments, peer reviewers evaluate the content for scientific value and originality, to see that articles adhere to general scientific practice as well as the journal’s specific guidelines, and to check that author have referenced correctly. The peer reviewer will look closely at the methodology and the validity of the data, and consider the ethical approach. They will then recommend changes. Authors will be advised within the shortest possible time whether their paper is accepted, requires major or minor revisions, or is rejected. All necessary efforts will be made to ensure a timely review process.

Authors should note the time from submission to final decision can be shortened by a timely return of a revised manuscript when revision has been requested.

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