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International Journal of
Medical Science and Current Research

Volume 2 Issue 3


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1 Prospective Study of Efficacy of Intra Lesional Platelet-Rich Plasma Injection as a Treatment Modality of Plantar Fasciitis

Author: Dr.Madhava Reddy || D.chaitanya gadi || Dr.M.Sivareddy || De.Samuel Lenald Palaji
2 Correlation of Serum Vitamin D in Psoriasis in a Tertiary Care Hospital

Author: Mohd Ramzan Bhatti || Shabnam Sarfraz || Majid Ali Sarfraz
3 A Correlational study of Vitamin D levels with fasting blood sugar of patients with type 2 Diabetes mellitus in AIIMS, Patna, Bihar, India

Author: Dr. Jyoti Kumari || Dr. Dev Kant || Dr. Sushil Kumar
4 Role of computed tomography in the evaluation of intestinal obstruction

Author: Dr. Gnana Swaroop Rao Poladi || Dr. N. Rachegowda* || Dr. Anil Kumar Sakalecha || Dr. Shivaprasad G. Savagave
5 Acute effect of anti-anxiety drugs on psychomotor performance in healthy volunteers: a prospective, crossover study

Author: Dr Ankita Jire || Dr. Chindhalore Chaitali || Dr. Motghare Vijay || Dr. Dakhale Ganesh || Dr. Kalikar Mrunalini || Dr. Turankar Avinash || Dr. Sontakke Smita || DrSonal Arsude
6 Comparison of Body Mass Index in Beta Thalassemia Major Patients with That of Normal Subjects

Author: Sneha M. Bhatkar * || Surendra S. Shivalkar
7 Sonological Evaluation of Liver Size in Paediatric Population of Rural Background

Author: Gowthami. M || Parameshwar Keerthi B.H. *|| Rachegowda.N
8 Study of Oral Flora in Erosive Oral Lichen Planus Lesions

Author: Sapna Malik || Jyoti P. Sonawane || Sonali Pahuja || Vimal Pahuja
9 Ocular Manifestations of venomous snake bite in Children in India

Author: Vijayta Gupta || Anuj Bhatti
10 Graduate Medical Students’ Preparedness to Practice: Self-Assessment

Author: Eyad Altamimi, MD* || Ahmad Z Mahadeen, MB, BS || Amal Mashali MD,PhD
11 Efficacy and Biopsy Correlation of Bronchoalveolar Lavage Cytology in Diagnosis of Lung Pathology

Author: Dr. Sabyasachi Roy || Dr. Suresh R* || Dr. Eswari V
12 Fibre reinforced composite bridge for missing maxillary central incisor-A Case Report

Author: Dr. Sumit Deshpande || Dr. Ranjeet Ghadage || Dr. Santosh Dixit || Dr. Anjali Mendhe
13 Insights on Pleural Effusion

Author: Ram Reddy Miryala1* || Md. Mohsin Baig || Sireesha Althapu || Suresh Raparthy || Shyam Sunder Anchuri
14 Bacteriological Profile and Antimicrobial Drug Resistance Pattern of Urinary Tract Pathogens

Author: Arthi.K || GeethaBanu S*
15 A Retrospective Study of Comparison of Local Injection of Platelet Rich Plasma and Corticosteroids in the Treatment of Lateral Epicondylitis of Humerus

Author: Dr.Jishnu || Dr. Mahesh kumar N || Dr. Arun H. S
16 Evaluation of the Perspectives of Nursing Education on Global Health Nursing Competencies

Author: Temitope Afolalua* || Iyanuoluwa G. Akinwalereb || Oluwaseun Olatoyea Mayowa Olesenic || Chinonyerem Ehiemerec
17 To evaluate the effect of Pesticide activity of of nanoformulations of Alstonia scholaris , against pest- Rhyzopertha dominica using HPLC and Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) spectra analysis

Author: Rohini Kallur || Savitha Patil
18 Clinical Analysis of Adolescent Gynaecological Problems in Kashmiri Girls

Author: Dr.Cimona Lyn Saldanha || Dr.Beenish Jeelani || Dr.Insha khan
19 Gastric Cancer Profile in a Tertiary Care Centre, a study Conducted at Government Medical College Srinagar Kashmir India

Author: Dar Abdul Waheed || Wani Shahid Bashir || Mohammad Younis || Shabir Ahmad Mir || Lone Yasir Iqbal || Peer Javid Ahmad
20 Knowledge, Attitude and Practices Regarding Biomedical Waste Management among Post Graduate Residents in a Tertiary Care Hospital of Lucknow

Author: Trideep Jyoti Deori || Sugandhi Sharma
21 Clinico Demographic profile and outcome analysis of pediatric intensive care unit patients

Author: Dr Zul Eidain Hassan || Dr Sajad Ahmad Bhat || Prof Muzafar Jan || Dr Abdus Sami Bhat || Dr Syed Mushfiq Shafi
22 Nutrition Therapy in Intensive Care Unit - Knowledge Attitude and Practice among the Staff Nurses and Residents- A Questionare Based Observational Study

Author: Dr Priyanka Bansal || Dr Deepika || Dr Monica Chhikara || Dr Garima Vashisht || Dr Pardeep Kumar || Dr Virender Singh
23 Demographic profile of Cancer Esophagus, a study conducted in a tertiary care center, Srinagar, Kashmir, India

Author: Dar Abdul Waheed || Wani Y Nahida || Shaheena Parveen || Akhtar Hanifa || Kaneez Subiya || Kuchay Sona ullah
24 A Comparative Analysis of Micronuclei in Buccal Smears of Tobacco Smokers and Non-Smokers

Author: Krishna Vishnudatha || Dr.Kasukurti Padma Priya
25 Study of Prevalence of Hypoparathyroidism in Transfusion Dependent Thalassemia Patients Attending a Tertiary Care Hospital in West Bengal, Eastern India

Author: Tapas Chandra Das || Animesh Maiti || Anirban Sinha || Asish Basu || Neeraj Sinha || Sayan Ghosh || Somnath Raghuvanshi || Sourav Sishir || Chhavi Agarwal
26 Correlative study of serum magnesium levels & Dyslipidemia in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus with & without microvascular complication in patients attending M Y Hospital

Author: Dr. P.D.Sarkar || Dr. Bhavana Tiwari || Dr. Sangita Paneri || Dr. Rajeev Lohokare
27 Comparative Study of Peripheral Smear with RBC Indices and RBC Histogram in Diagnosis of Anemia

Author: Dr.Chanchal Ashok || Dr. Eswari Varadarajan*
28 Health Profiling Of Population of Subcentre Darbagh, Kashmir Valley, India- A Cross Sectional Study

Author: Dr. Sahila Nabi || Dr. Shazia Javaid || Dr. Rabbanie Tariq || Dr.Nazia Zahoor
29 Mediastinal Extension of Pancreatic Pseudocyst

Author: Sachin Kumaraswamy || Amarjit Kaur || Harnoor Momak Walia || Jebin Abraham
30 Study of Serum Adenosine deaminase (ADA) level use as a prognostic and follow up survival tool for Connective tissue diseases (CTD) at M.Y.H. Indore

Author: Prof .Dr. C.V. Kulkarni (Prof. and Head) || Dr.Ravi Jain (Associate Professor)
31 Anterior Mediastinal Mass- A Catch- 22-Case Report- Different Strategies of Anaesthetic Management with Case Discussion

Author: Dr Priyanka Bansal || Dr Arjun || Dr Monica chhikara || Dr Geeta Ahlawat
32 Stabilometric Changes in the Organs of Balance in Persons with Impaired Auditory Function

33 Serum Adiponectin: A Novel Biomarker of Glucose Intolerance in Prediabetic Obese Subjects

Author: Mukesh Kumar || Neelima Singh || Ashish Kumar Sharma || Nilima Tripathi
34 Bilateral Lower Limb Amputations Following High-Voltage Electrical Burns Injury: A Case Report

Author: Bhat A Tanveer || Rasool Altaf || Wani A Hafiz
35 Peripheral neurectomies in the treatement of trigeminal neuralgia

Author: Dr Altaf Hussain Malik || Dr Shabnum Majeed || Dr Amrit Pal Singh || Dr Babar Ali
36 Prevalence of Risk Factors of Non Communicable Diseases among the Healthcare Providers of Government Health Facilities in Jorhat, Assam

Author: Dr Sadiq Ahmed || Professor (Dr) Bishnu Ram Das
37 Role of Cartridge based nucleic acid amplification test (CBNAAT) in diagnosis of tuberculosis in a tertiary care teaching institute: A retrospective study

Author: Dr Sonal Arsude || Dr B.O.Tayade || Dr Ankita Jire
38 Acute Cholecystitis Diagnosis and Management New Highlights a Systemic Review

Author: Fahad hamed alsuwayidi || Ahmed mohsen mutawwam || Khaled Freeh Alnawaimiss || Saleh Jameel Almatrafi || Amal Abduljalil Alnsaseer || Dhaifallah Barrak Alziady || Ali Ahmed Al Rashah || Faris Saleh M aldhawi || Mahdi Ali AlSari Alyami || Fatimah abdullah alyousif || Alya Yousef Alyousef
39 Cervical Cancer, an Emerging Health Burden for Womenhood

Author: Shubham Lingappanoor1* || Vasthalya Meesala || Geetha Rani Manupati || Padma Yaragani || Brahmani Bachu || Shyam Sunder Anchuri
40 Effect of Curcumin on Bacterial Biofilm Adhesion and Surface Roughness of Orthodontic Archwires- In Vivo Study

Author: Dr. Gayatri Kale * || Dr.(Mrs).P.V.Hazarey || Dr.Harish Atram || Dr.Vasundhara Bhide || Dr. Renuka Kutemate || Dr. Kalyani Chaudhari
41 A Comparative Study of Accuracy in Bracket Positioning With Modified Height Bracket Positioning Gauge and Boonegauge: In Vivo Study

Author: Dr. Vasundhara Bhide* || Dr.(Mrs).P.V.Hazarey || Dr.Harish Atram || Dr.Gayatri Kale || Dr.Sneha Waghmare || Dr. Mohini Dharmadhikari
42 Study of Pathological Lesions in the Specimen of Fallopian Tubes: A Retrospective Analysis of 300 Cases

Author: Dr Anita || Dr Aruthra J* || Dr Eswari V
43 Histopathological Study of Endometrium in Abnormal Uterine Bleeding

Author: Dr. A.Thasneem || Dr.S.Archana* || Dr.V.Eswari
44 A Comparative study of Platelet indices in Acute Myocardial Infarction and Stable Coronary Artery Disease patients

Author: Dr Swathi Sridharan || Dr Shanmugapriya M* || Dr Eswari V
45 A Prospective Study of Clinical Features and Etiological Factors of Cerebral Venous Thrombosis in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Eastern India

Author: Sarbajit Das || Manoj Kr.Mahata || Saikat Ghosh || K.C.Ghosh || R.Bhattacharyya || G.P.Mondal
46 Subcentre Health Profiling Of the Population Surronding Dal Lake of Block Hazratbal

Author: Dr. Shazia Javaid || Dr. Sahila Nabi || Dr.Rabbanie Tariq || Dr.Nazia Zahoor
47 Squamous Cell Carcinoma Face with Gigantic Neck Metastasis in a Child of Xeroderma Pigmentosum:A Rare Case Report

Author: Bhat A Tanveer || Baba F Umar || Mir Mohsin || Zargar R Haroon || Wani A Hafiz
48 Bilateral Upper Limb Amputations Following High-Voltage Electrical Injury (HVEI): A Case Report

Author: Bhat A Tanveer || Rasool Altaf || Wani A Hafiz
49 Newborn Screening for Hemoglobinopathies in Tertiary Care Centre in Central India

Author: Dr Mukesh Hariram Waghmare (MD) || Dr. Anuradha Vijay Shrikhande (MD)
50 Peripartum Cardiomyopathy- An Enigma in Intensive Care Unit- Case Report and Brief Discussion

Author: Dr Priyanka Bansal
51 Release of Unique Case of Neglected Extensive Post Chulla Burn Abdominoperineal Contracture - A Rare Case Report and Review of Literature

Author: Sheikh Adil Bashir || Bhat A Tanveer || Wani A Hafiz
52 Uncorrected Tetralogy of Fallot in a Patient for Caessarian Section- the Wounds That Became Scars- A Case Report

Author: Dr Priyanka Bansal
53 Reattachment of Fractured Tooth Fragments - an Immediate Esthetic Alternative¬- Case Reports

Author: Dr Bharati B Patil || Dr Shoba K || Dr Sheena Babu || Dr Mamata B Patil
54 Study of Anomalous Union of Pancreaticobiliary Duct (AUPBD) and its Association with Choledochal Cyst- A Prospective Study at a Tertiary Care Hospital in North India

Author: Bhat A Tanveer || Wani Y Nahida || Dar Sajad Ahmad || Shah OJ || Bhat A Younis || Rabbani Irfan
55 An Evaluation of Role of Salivary Alpha Amylase in the Caries Activity among Young Individuals

Author: Dr.Preetha K || Dr.Tejasri.K || Dr. S.Vijaya Nirmala M.D.S || Dr.Sharada T Rajan
56 Potential use of Misoprostol in Obstetrics and Gynecology

Author: Dr. Varsha Kotwal
57 Analgesic Nephropathy: Clinical Profile and Radiological correlation

Author: Dr. Ajay Singh || Dr. Suraj Godara || Dr. Jitesh Jeswani || Dr. Chandni Bhagat
58 Luting Agents Used In Dentistry- A Review

Author: Dr.Shirish. Aghav || Dr.Sandeep Patil || Dr.Priyanka.Shah || Dr.Ranjeet.Gandhi || Dr.Pratik.Parkarwar || Dr.Usama.Kharadi
59 Bilateral high grade papillary serous adenocarcinoma ovary: A Case report

Author: Dr Divya Gupta || Dr Premlata Mital*
60 Study of Serum Zinc Levels in Typical Febrile Seizures

Author: Dr Syed Muneeb Mohammad* || Dr Nisar Ahmad Ganie || Dr Mohsin Rashid || Dr Mohd Rafiq Lone || Dr Sheikh Mushtaq Ahmad || Dr Syed Saba Jehan
61 Role of Vitamin D3 in Manifestations of Endocrinological Disorders

Author: P.Sunethri || P.Kishore || B. Sridhar || D. Sudheer kumar || Syed Umar farooq
62 The Fifth Phakomatosis – A Case Report

Author: Dr. Nayana Sengupta* || Dr. Tanvi Datir || Dr.Suhas Pande
63 Environmental Pharmacology: An emerging concern

Author: Dr Ankita Jire || Dr Sonal Arsude || Dr Bhagyashree Supekar
64 Pattern of clinical findings in adult patients having ascaris lumbricoides infestation: 10 year experience from Kashmir valley, an endemic area of north India

Author: Khurshid Ahmad Ganaie || Suraya Kounser || Yawar Zahoor
65 Perception of Medical Students towards Career Choices in Pre and Paraclinical Subjects

Author: Dr. Nida Nowreen

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