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1 Elevated Levels of Hepatic Enzymes in Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus

Author: Deepali Vidhate* || Suresh Ade || Subiman Saha || Krittika Bhatia || James Thomas
136-140 View
2 To Study the Effect of Cigarette Smoking on Selected Inflammatory Biomarkers

Author: Basant Joshi || Preeti Sharma || Aman Saini || Sangeeta Singh || Tapan Mohapatra
127-135 View
3 Nasopharyngeal and Oropharyngeal swab collection technique for COVID-19: A Dental Surgeon Perspective

Author: Dr Akshay C Trimukhe || Dr. Jyoti D Bhavthankar || Dr. Mandakini S. Mandale,
121-126 View
4 Indifference towards a different entity: Toto bodies

Author: Dr Akshay C Trimukhe || Dr. Mandakini S. Mandale || Dr. Jayanti G Humbe || Dr. Vaishali A Nandkhedkar || Ms. A V Lonikar
115-120 View
5 Laparoscopic and open appendicectomy: A retrospective analysis of one hundred sixteen patients of acute appendicitis

Author: Bharat Kumar || Mahesh Chandra || Ashok Kumar Attri
109-114 View
6 To Compare the Analgesic Efficacy of combination of Intra-Articular Bupivacaine & Morphine with that of Intra-articular Morphine Alone In Patient Undergoing Knee Arthroscopy for Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction -A Prospective Randomized Study

Author: Dr S P Garg || Dr Sandeep Chouhan
103-108 View
7 A study of the topographic distribution and anatomic configuration of gastric mucosa in chemical gastritis

Author: Kausalya Goda || Pavithra V || Leena Dennis Joseph
96-102 View
8 Cytological Examination of Serous Body Fluids: A One Year Study

Author: Dr. Reetika* || Dr. Mahima Sharma || Dr. Anuja Sharma
87-95 View
9 Pulmonary Alveolar Microlithiasis : A rare presentation of four cases in a family

Author: Preeti Yadav || Arindam Mukherjee* || Umesh Chandra Garga
82-86 View
10 Clinical study of cataract surgery and its complicatios in patients with pseudoexoliation syndrome

Author: Maneesha Sethi || *Anjali Slathia || Amarjeet Singh Bali
76-81 View
11 Higher origin of Profunda Femoris Artery– A Case Report

Author: Sunita Bharti || N.Sujatha || Manisha Nakhate
72-75 View
12 Bilateral Morphological variation of Rhomboideus Minor muscle – a Case Report

Author: Sunita Bharti || N.Sujatha || Manisha Nakhate
69-71 View

Author: Dr. Poonam Nanwani || Dr. Vinamrata Soni || Dr. Ashok Panchonia || Dr. Astha Dawani || Dr. Suneel Kumar Jaiswal
60-68 View
14 A Study to Determine the Effects of Shoulder and Elbow Position on Grip Strength in Healthy Adults – A Comparative Study

Author: V.Arun Stephen Solomon || Paul Daniel Vk || R.Vijay Kumar || Prasanna Mohan
54-59 View
15 Determine Functional outcome of Unstable Intertrochanteric Femur Fracture treated by PFN-A2

Author: Dr Rajendraprasad R. Butala || Dr Jay Kumar Parsania || Dr Varun Agarwal
47-53 View
16 Correlation of Complete Blood Count and Peripheral Blood Smear with Hemoglobin Electrophoresis Findings in Patients with Hemoglobinopathies

Author: Dr. Sharada Datar* || Dr.Sudhamani S. || Dr.Rajiv Rao
37-46 View
17 Evaluation of Results of Local Steroid (Triamcinolone) & Local Anaesthetic (Lidocaine) Injection to Ganglion Impar in patients with Refractory Coccydynia

Author: Dr. Mansoor Ahmad Tali || Dr. Sayar Ahamad Mantoo || Dr Imtiyaz Ahmad Dar || Dr. Fahad-Ul-Islam
32-36 View
18 Morphometric measurement of the lumbar vertebrae by using MRI

Author: Dr Ruta Bapat || Dr Manisha Nakhate || Dr VG Sawant || Dr Madan Manmohan
27-31 View
19 Is vitamin D supplementation safe in COVID19 prophylaxis? Concerns to be vigilant for!

Author: Dr. Gandham Ravi
25-26 View
20 Correlation And Linear Regression Of Fetal Kidney Length With CGA And LMP GA In Late Second And Third Trimester Of Pregnancy

Author: Dr.Nishigandha Sadamate || Dr. V. G. Sawant
20-25 View
21 Cytopathological Study of Various Hepatic Lesions: A One Year Study

Author: Dr. Varsha Argal || Dr. Manish Panth || Prof. Dr. Ashok Panchonia || Dr. Smita Doharey
16-19 View
22 Effect from online study to high school students in the situation of COVID-19 local transmission in Thailand

Author: Phinyarat Phokaew || Phattharaphon Aekwatsananan || Supaporn Khumchompho || Pornchita Pearsign || Piyaphan Kingthong
11-15 View
23 The Effects of COVID-19 lockdown policy and the effectiveness of the government aid policy on people in the slums in Bangkok, Thailand

Author: Pawat Suramitranon
06-10 View
24 Does Gender Show Differences in the Ability to Multitask

Author: Kanittharin Mongkholsaem || Natvasa Yingjaroenanun || Thitichaya Ritthinee || Peerada Maliwan || Suwannaprapa Wiangnon
01-05 View

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