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1 Literature review about simulation technology for medical students

Author: Sirimongkol Torudomsak* || Pawich Buranarom || Teeradej Thummachot || Jittawat Panthong
243-250 View
2 Giant Cell Tumor of the Proximal Femur and Its Management- A Rare Case Report

Author: Dr Fenil Shah || Dr Shripal Doshi || Dr Cheraventhan Mani || Dr Smit Vadher || Dr Dhruv Sharma
238-242 View
3 Minimally invasive (endoscopic - assisted) oral and maxillofacial Surgery- A review article

Author: Dr. Harshne Venkatraj || Dr Rajesh P
231-237 View
4 Adolescent Perspective on COVID-19 Vaccination in Thailand

Author: Apisan Bunnag || Phawida Witchucharn
227-230 View
5 The Pathology of Borderline Personality Disorder and Involved Treatments

Author: Napapa Poenateetai
215-226 View
6 Indian Ayurveda in Wound Care: A Holistic Approach

Author: *Vijay Kumar || *Nitesh Kumawat || *Yashawant Ramawat
209-214 View
7 Penile Ring Entrapment and Strangulation: A Rare Urological Emergency

Author: Dr.Murakonda Sowmya Chowdary || Dr Harish Kumar G || Dr Tejaswini M Pawar
204-208 View
8 Assessment of Body Mass Index with Pulmonary Function Tests in Undergraduate Medical Students

Author: Dr. Praveena Kumari Kadiri || Dr. Nazia Farha
198-203 View
9 Does physical activity and life style have a role in vitamin- D requirement of young healthy individuals?

Author: Dr Pavan Pradhan || Dr Surender Kumar || Dr Brijesh Chauhan || Dr Vikas Saxena || Dr Sandeep Singh || Dr Shaila Mishra
191-197 View
10 Morphological variations in the Anatomy of Vermiform Appendix in Jammu region

Author: Dr Sheetal Chandel* || Dr Sanjeev Sharma || Dr Yasmeen Kousar
187-190 View
11 The correlation between mucormycosis and use of steroids among past and present COVID-19 disease patients

Author: Zeenat Khan || Tuba Khan || Nasreen Khan || Mandar Todkar || Viren Birmal || Izhaan Inamdar
182-186 View
12 Head injury - clinical & diagnostic factors in relation to clinical outcome

Author: Dr. Lavekar Shrikant
176-181 View
13 Ameloblastic Carcinoma with Recurrence: Case Report and Literature Review

Author: Dr. Ritu Sharma || Dr. Kaalindi Singh || Dr. RR Negi
172-175 View
14 Correlation of Endometrial Thickness by Ultrasonography with histopathology diagnosis in Abnormal uterine bleeding at tertiary care hospital in Kanchipuram district of South India

Author: Dr. Vishnu Varthini S || Dr. Suresh R || Dr. Eswari V
158-171 View
15 Unusual Case of Pancreatitis Secondary to Fish Bone Ingestion

Author: Harika Barri MBBS* || Pradeep Tavva || Alok Mohanty MS || Lakshmi Chandraja Ravi MBBS
152-157 View
16 Analysis of The Epidemiological Pattern in The Second Wave of Covid-19 At A Tertiary Care Hospital

Author: Dr. S. Malathi || Dr. K. Dhananjayan || Dr. P. Paranthaman || Dr. Ramya Venkatesan
144-151 View
17 Comparison of the changes in liver function test following laparoscopic cholecystectomy using ultrasound shear and electrocautery

Author: Soumen Das* || Sapam Opendro Singh || Angela Marak || Paruna G Momin || Zam Lian Mang Hatzaw
127-138 View
18 Active Release Technique as an Adjunct Intervention in A Soft Tennis Player with De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis: A Case Report

Author: Dr. Ashwin Kshirsagar || Dr. Tushmeetkaur Bhatia* || Dr. Junneshwar Bidve
123-126 View
19 Takayasu’s Arteritis: A Case Report

Author: Ms. Ria Patel || Dr. Mrudangsinh Rathod* || Dr. Abhay Dharamsi || Dr. Amalkumar Bhattacharya
118-121 View
20 Cavernous Haemangioma in Nasal Cavity- A Rare Case Report

Author: Kanwardeep Kaur || Harpal Singh || Sheenab Mittal || Manisha
115-117 View
21 Study Of Lung Function in Post COVID-19 Patients

Author: Dr Iva Chatterjee || Dr Yasir Merchant || Dr S S Chatterjee*
108-114 View
22 Covid 19 And Its Effect on Mortality of Patients with Cardiovascular Disease

Author: Dr.Shaik Sulaiman Meeran || Dr.Pradeep Kumar || Dr.P. Syed Munnaver || DR.A. Divya Pani Natchiar || Dr.M.S. Pon Abinaya
105-107 View
23 Subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitis in A Measles Vaccinated Child- A Case Report

Author: Prof P. Paranthaman || Dr. M. Agila Saravanan || Dr.Sangameswaran.G
99-104 View
24 Dermatoglyphics, Cheiloscopy and Rugoscopy as Predictors of Periodontal Disease- A Cross Sectional Study

Author: Dr.Manovijay B* || Dr.Saranyan R || Dr.Bharath C || Dr.Meenalochani T.B || Dr.Madhushriee.V || Dr. Ann Theresa Tomy
91-98 View
25 C-Reactive protein in Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome: Significance in Prognosis

Author: Dr Sunny Raina || Aleesha Gupta || Dr Rahul Khajuria
83-90 View
26 A Comparative Study of Conventional Culture Methods for Better Yield of Zygomycetes at Tertiary Care Hospital, Jaipur

Author: Kavita Mourya* || Snigdha Purohit || Aruna Vyas || Nazneen Pathan || Bharti Malhotra
77-82 View
27 Neck Contractures: A System of Classification and Management

Author: Farooq A Bhat || Bashir Ahmad Bhat || Mir Mustaq
74-76 View
28 An Institution Based study on Prevalence, Consumption Pattern and Dependence on Smoking Using Fagerstrom Test for Nicotine Dependence in College Students in Indore, M.P.

Author: Apurv Thakur || Ritesh Upadhyay || R.R. Wavare || Dileep Dandotiya || Jaya singh
68-73 View
29 Hemoglobin level and prevalence of Anaemia among Denotified Tribe of Gonda district, Uttar Pradesh, India

Author: Biswajit Mahapatra
60-67 View
30 Evaluation Of Polylactide/Polyglycolide Copolymer in The Treatment of Intrabony Defects – A Clinical and Radiographic Study

Author: Ravi Prakash B S || Joann Pauline George || Sandeep J N || Sandhya Pavan Kumar || Kishore H C || Rekha Puttannavar
47-59 View
31 Will Artificial Intelligence take over all Jobs in the Healthcare Field?

Author: Praeploy Nakmai (Pam)
38-46 View
32 Role Of C-Reactive Protein and Interleukin-6 In the Diagnosis of Neonatal Sepsis

Author: T. Sankaranarayanan* || R. Poornakala
30-37 View
33 A Cross-sectional Study on Association between Serum 25(OH) VitD level & Gender frequency with Diabetic Retinopathy among patients of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in a Tertiary Care Hospital of Kolkata India

Author: Dr. Rajarshi As || Dr. Surajit Kumar Mukhopadhyay || Dr. Chitra Ghosh || Dr. Pinaki Sengupta || Dr. Pinaki Das
15-29 View
34 Sub-Epithelial Connective Tissue Graft for The Treatment of Multiple Gingival Recession Defects Using Two Different Techniques

Author: Goutam Das || Ravi Prakash B S || Abhijit Chakraborty || Mekhala Mukherjee || Surupa Dutta || Dibyendu Kr Kundu
10-14 View
35 A Comparative Study to Assess the Acute Effect of Music and Noise on Heart Rate Variability in Young Healthy Adults

Author: Dr. A. Dhamayanthi || Dr.K.Akilandeswari* || Dr.R.Anbarasi
01-08 View

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