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International Journal of
Medical Science and Current Research

Volume 1 Issue 4


S.No. Title of Manuscript Page No Download/ PDF
1 Platelets large cells ratio (P-LCR)-A new platelets indices use as a risk assessment prognostic tool for post myocardial infarction patients

Author: Dr.Dinesh Jain || Dr. Shivam Yadav
2 An observational retrospective cohort Study of pattern of fever & duration of time taken by ceftriaxone for clinical cure in enteric fever, in a tertiary care teaching hospital, central India

Author: Rupesh Gupta || Santenna c || Akash vishwe
3 Evaluation of non-traumatic hip pain by magnetic resonance imaging

Author: Dr Avinash Dhok || Dr Nikita Agarwal || Dr Kajal Mitra || Dr Chetana Ratnaparkhi || Dr Rishu Raviraj || Dr Samir Dere
4 To Study the Effectiveness of H.Pylori Eradication in Indian Patients of Non-Ulcer Dyspepsia (Nud)

Author: Dr. Shri krishna Gautam || Dr.Anita || Dr.Yogesh Kr.Mishra || Dr.J.S.Kushwaha || Dr.Santosh Burman || Dr.Vishal Kr. Gupta
5 Disseminated cysticercosis: Pleomorphic presentation

Author: Dr Chetana Ratnaparkhi || Dr Kajal Mitra || Dr Avinash Dhok || Dr Nikita Agarwal
6 Comparative Evaluation of Chlorhexidine and Probiotic Mouthrinses - A Randomized Controlled Clinical and Microbiological Study

Author: Dr. Sonali Delmade || Dr.Rutuja Sindgi || Dr. Mona U. Shah || Dr. Yogesh Doshi || Dr. Cauvery Karbhari || Dr. Vidhi Kevadia
7 To Observe the Seroprevalence of Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C Co-Infection in Hiv Seropositive Patients In North India

Author: Dr. J.S. Kushwaha || Dr. Shri Krishna Gautam || Dr.Anita || Dr.Dharmendra Agarwal
8 Anemia in COPD Patients

Author: Dr Shaheena Parveen || Dr Sajad Ahmad Bhat || Dr Basit Rafeeq || Dr Syed Nisar Ahmad
9 Role of Zaleplon, a Novel Non-Benzodiazepine against Sleep Deprivation in Albino Mice

Author: Dr. Md Shadab Alam || Dr. Arun Kumar Choudhary || Dr. Satish Chandra
10 The Utility of MRI in Evaluation of Spinal Injuries: Revisited

Author: Dr. Sanjay Bhikarilal Shahu || Dr. Avinash Parshuram Dhok || Dr.Pulak Bhagwat Bansal || Dr. Kajal Ramendranath Mitra || Dr. Raunak Ravindra Thakare || Dr.Vikrant Vishnuji Bhende || Dr. Madhura Vijay Bayaskar
11 Various Cardiovascular Risk Scores and the Barriers in Their Utilization

Author: Sudha Bala || Jayathra Datla
12 A Clinical Study of Oral Mucosal Lesions in Patients Attending Out Patients Department of Dermatology in Tertiary Care Hospital

Author: Dr. Nisha Kumari Munda || Dr. Md. Shadab Alam || Dr. Ganga Prasad || Dr.Prasenjeet Mohanty || Dr. Arun Kumar Choudhary
13 Comparative Evaluation of HRCT of Temporal Bone with Non-EP DWI MRI Sequences for Evaluation of Cholesteatoma in Patients with CSOM

Author: Dr. Kajal Ramendranath Mitra || Dr. Raunak Ravindra Thakare || Dr. Avinash Parshuram Dhok || Dr.Vikrant Vishnuji Bhende || Dr.Pulak Bhagwat Bansal || Dr. Madhura Vijay Bayaskar
14 Risk factors and Etiology of dry eye in senior citizens

Author: Dr Rishi Gupta
15 Determination of Reference Interval of Oestrogen during EachTrimester of Pregnancy

Author: Arpita Mandal || Sanchayan Sinha || Soma Gupta || Sanghamitra Chakroborty
16 Comparison of Aerosol Contamination during Ultrasonic Scaling With or Without Pre-Rinse- A Microbiological Study

Author: Dr. Sumeha Lalge || Dr. Mona U. Shah || Dr. Yogesh Doshi || Dr. Vidhi Kevadia || Dr.Rutuja Sindgi || Dr. Vishnu Maske
17 Relevance of chest CT and chest X-ray in patients of blunt trauma

Author: Dr. Pankaj Kumar Omar || Dr. Vineeta Gupta || Dr. Sushmita Ghosh
18 A comparative study of perceived stress in patients with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Depression

Author: Sandipan Nayek || Soumitra Ghosh
19 Utility of Magnetic Resonance Imaging over Ultrasound in Evaluation of Mullerian Duct Anomalies

Author: Dr. Chetana R. Ratnaparkhi || Dr. Avinash P. Dhok || Dr. Madhura V. Bayaskar || Dr. Shital Kurve D.M.R.E
20 Accuracy of MRCP in Malignant Pancreaticobiliary Diseases

Author: Dr. Avinash Dhok || Dr. Sushupti Chaukhande || Dr. Kajal Mitra
21 The Efficacy Of McConnell’s Taping Versus Sham Taping Along With Concentric And Eccentric Strength Training Of Wrist Extensors In Lateral Epicondylalgia-Double Blinded Randomized Clinical Trial

Author: Madhuripu Pattali || Jazeel N M || Sreejisha P K || Riyas Basheer K B
22 Ionic Calcium verses Total Calcium in Relation to Disease Severity and Inflammation in Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Author: Pallavi Taparia || Dr Sandhya Mishra || Dr Dharmveer Yadav || Dr Suresh Koolwal
23 Obesity in breast cancer surgery and the development of lymphedema

Author: José Maria Pereira de Godoy, MD, PhD || Ana Carolina Pereira de Godoy MD || Lívia Maria Pereira de Godoy, MD || Maria de Fátima Guerreiro Godoy, OT, PhD
24 MR imaging features on follow up of anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction graft and its correlation with subjective scores

Author: Dr. Avinash Parshuram. Dhok || Dr. Kajal R. Mitra || Dr.Vikrant Vishnuji. Bhende || Dr. Madhura Vijay Bayskar || Dr. Raunak Ravindra Thakare || Dr. Pulak Bhagwat Bansal
25 A Study to Correlate Most Common Morphological Abnormalities with Female Monosomy X (Turner Syndrome)

Author: Dr Shabana Borate || Dr Suresh Gangane || Dr Prasad Kulkarni
26 A Case Report on Endodontic Retreatment and Post and Core Esthetic Restoration

Author: Dr.Ajinkya.Vernekar || Dr.P.Manoranjan Reddy || Dr.Robert.M.Justin || Dr.Pratik.C.Parkarwar

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