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International Journal of
Medical Science and Current Research

Volume 4 Issue 3 June


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1 Effectiveness of Stair climbing Versus Static cycling on Exercise capacity in Subjects with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Author: Dr.G. Roja || Dr. T. Sunil Kumar || G. Swamy || Dr.S.Jyothi
2 Are Taurodonts still a Challenge in Current Advanced Era?

Author: Valliappan CT || Anand Sherwood || Ernest prince p || Gokulapriyan Karuppiah || Srividhya Srinivasan || Savadamoorthi Kamatchi

4 The Role and Therapeutic Potential of Growth Factors in Dental Tissue Regeneration

Author: Dr. Tushar Kanti Majumdar * || Dr. Sriparna Jana || Dr. Pritam Sengupta || Dr. Shromi Roy Choudhury || Dr. Paromita Mazumdar || Dr. Sayantan Mukherjee
5 Ectopic pregnancy in a case of Kartagener Syndrome

Author: Prof. Dr Anil Bhalla || Dr Gaurav Bhalla
6 Early Consumption of Lycopene and Reduced Incidence of Prostate Cancer

Author: Eldhose Elias George || Nevin Joseph || Alfin Baby || Gopikrishnan T.S || Anjali Shaju || Dr.Merrin Joseph *
7 An analysis of a series of patients of gall bladder torsion in a tertiary care centre in Asia

Author: Mohammad Afzal-ud-Din || Mohammad Muttahir Uddin || Naseer Ahmed Awan || Syed Badir Duja || Quratul ain || Syed Shafiq Alam
8 Prediction of Weight Gain during COVID-19 for Avoiding Complication in Health

Author: Prof. Shawni Dutta || Prof. Sabyasachi Pramanik and || Prof. Samir Kumar Bandyopadhyay
9 The effect of motivation on medical university application in Thai University Center Admission System (TCAS)

Author: Akarapha Panha || Nattawit Thiapaira || Chidapa Pawangkarat || Dr. Ponlkrit Yeesin*
10 Adult Neck Mass: Hemangioma Vs Venous Malformation

Author: Dr. Rupali* || Dr. Bikramjit Singh || Dr. Arvinder Singh Mann || Dr. Rupinder Kaur
11 Comparative evaluation of Human pulp tissue dissolution by Sodium hypochlorite, Sodium hypochlorite combined with Etidronate and Oxygen fluid® with and without Sonic Agitation: An invitro study.

Author: Parthasarathy Revathy* || Kumarappan Senthil kumar || Anupama Ramachandran || Kadandale Sadasiva || Manu Unnikrishnan || Honap Manjiri Nagesh
12 Study of Cutaneous Adverse Drugs Reaction in Tertiary Care Hospital of Western Rajasthan

Author: Neha Meghwal || Vinod Meghwal || Gaurav Sharma || R.P.Acharya
13 A Randomized Clinical Trial Comparing The Outcome Variables In General Anaesthesia Versus Combined Epidural and General Anaesthesia For Elective Spinal Surgery (Thoracic And Lumbar)

Author: Dr. Rishanabh Pal || Dr. Sagar Rai || Dr. Amrita Roy || Dr. Hiranmay Roy || Dr. Prof. Gautam Piplai*
14 Interferences in Thyroid Function Tests

Author: Sharma Nitin || Sankhla Vasudev || Pooja
15 Preparedness of the Dental health care providers to practice Post - COVID 19 in India: a Cross Sectional Study

Author: Dr. Naseemoon Shaik || Dr.C.Tirumala Ravali || Dr.Pudi Sriharsha || Dr. Dwjendra K.S || Dr. Nagarjuna Chowdary.G || Dr.V.Bhavana
16 A Literature Review of Blockchain-based Related Frameworks in Medical Records: Methods Used and Results

Author: Panadda Suparun
17 Clinico-Radiologic Profile of Brain Space Occupying Lesion Imaged With MRI and Spectroscopy in A Rural Center

Author: Dr. Kailash Kumar Mittal || Dr. MOHD.ARFAT*
18 Smoking Habit and Sperm Motility and Morphology

Author: MD. Abrar Ahmad || Prof. (Dr.)U.K. Gupta || Dr.V.K.Chelur
19 Mental Health Status of Frontline Health Care Workers during Covid 19 Pandemic

Author: Dr. Sahadev H. K || Dr. Nalini B || Dr. Shivani Shivaprasad || Dr. Hanumesh Shankargouda Kopparad || Dr. Abhishek Srihari || Dr. Sukriti Banthiya || Dr. B.R. Shivakumar*
20 The Effect of COVID-19 Lockdown on Mental Health Status of Students in Thai and International Schools

Author: Phanicha Ungaram || Chomboon Boonlert || Sarut Mongkolsawan || Ravi Thorudomsak || Dr. Ponlkrit Yeesin
21 BCG Vaccination and Tuberculosis Status among Children in the Age Group of 5-14 Years - A Descriptive Cross Sectional Survey

Author: M.Jaivant || K.Saravanan || S.Hariharan || B.Krishna Prasanth
22 Artificial bones –a boon or a curse for undergraduate teaching

Author: *Dr Latika Arora
23 Correlation between blood group and Dental caries status of college students in Kodagu district

Author: Dr. Prasanta Majumder || Dr. Ananda S.R || Dr. Jithesh Jain || Dr. Bhakti Jaduram Sadhu || Dr. Kathiresan Ravichandran || Dr. Anjali Reji
24 Ameloblastic Carcinoma: A Case Report

Author: Padmavathi B.N* || Anwesha Bhattacharjee || Saba Khan || Khalid Mohammed Agwani
25 CT MRI study correlation with CSF analysis in patients admitted with febrile encephalopathy

Author: Dr. Preety Motiyani || Dr. K Deopujari || Dr. RS Yadav || Dr. Vishnu Vardhan || Dr. Jitendra Kumar Rai*
26 Haematological profile in HIV patients and its correlation to CD4 counts

Author: Dr. Hemant Kumar Mahur || Dr. Shaitan Singh Jat* || Dr. Randheer Singh Bera || Dr. D. P. Singh || Dr. Anoop Yadav || Dr. Rahul || Dr. Ayush Jain
27 Pharmacodynamic Profile and Neuromuscular Blockade: Atracurium versus CisAtracurium

Author: Dr Jason Zachariah || Dr Rashmi Rani || Dr Arpana Kedlaya || Dr Reena Nayar
28 To Study the Respiratory Impairment in Traffic Police Personnel by Pulmonary Function Test

Author: Dr. Sahadev H. K || Dr. Hanumesh Shankargouda Kopparad || Dr. Shivani Shivaprasad || Dr. Nalini B || Dr. B.R. Shivakumar*
29 Efficacy of USG Guided Ilioinguinal and Iliohypogastric Nerve Block for Post-Operative Analgesia Following Inguinal Hernia Repair

Author: Prashant chaure || Arvind Kumar Rathiya || Sudhakar Dwivedi
30 Comparison between complications of hepatitis C Treatment in patient with malignancy with those without malignancy

Author: Dawood Banday || Bilal Rather || Ashaq Parrey
31 Balloon Angioplasty for Severe Coarctation in Neonate When Failure Retrograde and Radial Artery Approach

Author: MD Kien Nguyen Trung || MD Lam Truong Hoai || MD Long Nguyen Tuan || MD Hung Nguyen Duc || MD Vu Nguyen Hoai
32 4G LTE Mobile Phone Radiation induced Histomorphometric changes in the kidney of Wistar Rats

Author: Arjilli.Vamsy || V.Sathia Lakshmi || T.Satya Prakash Venkatachalam
33 Multimodality Imaging of COVID-19 and its complications: A comprehensive review for the treating physicians

Author: Dr. Majid Jehangir || Dr. Seema Qayoom || Dr. Asif Wani || Dr. Adil Sangeen
34 Self-Perceived Halitosis and Oral Hygiene Habits among College Students

Author: Dr. Anjali Reji* || Dr. Jithesh Jain || Dr. Bhakti || Dr. Prasanta Majumder || Dr. Bhavana G || Dr. Kathiresan .R
35 Observational study on Risk Factors & Comorbidities in Patients with Covid 19 presenting to a Covid Hospital of a Medical College in Bhubaneswar

Author: Ruchi Jena || Lisa Sarangi*
36 Effects of Platinum Compounds viz Cisplatin, Carboplatin & Oxaliplatin on Renal Parameters: A Comparative Study

Author: Rajnee || Bundela MK*
37 Screening of Asymptomatic Bacteriuria in Pregnancy, Etiology and Antimicrobial Susceptibility Patterns

Author: Rajkumar Meshram || Girish Patil* || Sushil Makhija || Sunanda Shrikhande
38 A study on water supply, storage, usage and handling practices and its association with diarrhea among under five children in Chittoor town, Andhra Pradesh

Author: Dr. R. Amarnath Trivedi || Dr. K. R. John
39 A Comparative Study of Oral Clonidine and Midazolam Premedication on Haemodynamic Changes during Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

Author: Benson Abraham || Somanath Mohanty || Ivan Koshy
40 Improvement in quality of life indicators after 3D contour cranioplasty in young adults

Author: Dr.Tasmia Papa || Dr. Aravind Kumar || Satish Anand || Prof. Dr. T.T. Rajan
41 Clinico - Epidemiological Study of Macular Amyloidosis In Tertiary Hospital Of Western Rajasthan

Author: Dr.Nikita Jakhar* || Dr.Vinod Kumar Jain || Dr.Komal Dabla || Dr. Durga Choudhary || Dr.Sapna Choudhary || Dr. Ankita J
42 Ca Oropharynx as Second malignancy in 52-year-old patient of Ca Lung with Brain secondaries

Author: Dr Jyoti Sharma* || Dr Ritu Sharma || Dr Reema Bhatti || Dr Mrinalini Upadhyay
43 Children oral health related to the quality of life Category: dental Research and Reports

Author: Nara Sutham
44 Usability of Telemedicine among Patients as a Tool of Medical Care During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Author: Alfi SB || Anupama Kurup* || Aswathy S Nair || Sreeparvathy R || Dr. Suja O Gopalakrishnan || Dr. Vidhya Vinayachandran
45 Standard Operating Procedure on Dead Body Management & Medical Certification of Cause of Death for COVID-19: Development & Implementation

Author: Agniwesh || Prem Chandra Srivastava* || Seema Seth || Nitesh Mohan || Shikha Saxena
46 Serous Cystadenoma with Fibroma-A Rare Ovarian Collision Tumour - Case Report with Review of Literature

Author: Dr. Nimi Shabeer
47 Variant Foramen Transversarium in the Etiology of Bow Hunter’s Syndrome-A Study on Dried Cervical Vertebrae

Author: Dr. Neelima. P* || Dr. R. Ravi Sunder
48 A Rare Case of Inguinoscrotal Bladder Hernia: Scrotal Cystocele

Author: Abhilasha Singh || Mohib Ahmad || Sharad Chandak
49 A Study of Clinical Profile of Cryptococcal Meningitis in HIV Patients

Author: Mohini || Divya Sahni || Nidhi Yadav || Surender Kumar
50 Bacterial Contamination on Mobile Phones of Laboratory Workers in Jos University Teaching Hospital, Plateau State

Author: *Banda, J. M. || Essien, UC, Bigwan E.I || Joshua, I.A. || Wartu J R., || Olamide, H. A. || Sheyin, Z.
51 Spectrum of hematological disorders by Bone Marrow Aspiration in a tertiary care centre in Gwalior

Author: Shilpi Sikarwar || Dr.Jyoti Priyadarshini Shrivastava || K.K.Magnani || K.S. Mangal
52 Role of Color Doppler and Non Stress Test Independently Vs Combined For Predicting Perinatal Outcomes in Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy and Foetal Growth Restriction

Author: Dr.Surbhi Bansal || Dr.Lata Ratanoo || Dr. Neelam Bhardwaj || Dr.Pawan Aggarwal || Dr. Anubha || Dr. Prerana Choudhary
53 A Prospective Study to Evaluate the Role of CECT & PET/CT in Locally Advanced Rectal Carcinoma for Predicting Response to Neo-adjuvant Concurrent Chemoradiotherapy

Author: Surg Rear Admiral (Dr) Arti Sarin || Lt Col (Dr) GPS Gahlot || Lt Col (Dr) Mayuri Jain || Lt Col (Dr) Rekha Vashisth || Brig (Dr) Giriraj Singh || Gp Capt (Dr) Pradeep Jaiswal || Lt Col (Dr) Anurag Jain || Maj (Dr) Beenu Singh || Lt Col Sankalp Singh
54 Comparison of Ropivacaine and Bupivacaine for Lumbar Epidural Labour Analgesia

Author: Dr. Sudha Puhal || Dr. Manisha Mittal || Dr.Anju Rani || Dr Vasudha Govil || Dr. Sudhir Kumar Bisherwal || Dr J.N. Lakhe
55 Estimation of Urinary Protein, Creatinine and Protein Creatinine Index in Second Trimester of Pregnancy

Author: Ahila Ashraf || Rupendra Sao || MD. Rashid Ahsan || R.C Gupta
56 A Simplified Protocol for Complete Denture Quality Assessment

Author: Suja Joseph* || Pradeep C Dathan || Suja Mathew Jude || Shanthi Varghese || Rene Kuriakose || Nazia Rasheed
57 Acute Torsion of Wandering Spleen in a Pregnant Woman: A Case Report

Author: Arun Singh || Sajith K Mohan* || Ritesh Ranjan || Neeraj Kumar || Navnik Singh Bhardwaj
58 Causes of Vocal Cord Paralysis – A Hospital Based Study

Author: Akriti Mahajan || Aditi Aggarwal*
59 Comparison of Nalbuphine and Dexmedetomidine as adjuvant with intra-thecalhyperbaric 0.5% Bupivacaine on spinal anaesthesia and its postoperative analgesic characteristics

Author: Dr. Santosh Gitte || Dr Gajanand Karshayal
60 To Assess the Correlation between Serum Vitamin-B12 Level With TSH Level in Overt Hypothyroid Patients

Author: Toppo A || Sangode K || Patil M || Lakra DP
61 Association of adrenal myelolipoma and Cushing’s syndrome: A rare case report of “hormonally functional” benign neoplasms of the adrenal glands

Author: *Yudhvir Singh || Ruchika Majoka || Swarnim Dalakoti || Sunita Singh
62 Dermatophytes isolation from patients with dermatophytosis in Karbala, 2017

Author: Ali Abdul Hussein S. AL-Janabi1 || Jenan Khadem Mohamed
63 Veress needle access in Laparoscopic Surgery: Technique, safety measures & complications-A review of 2500 cases

Author: Dr. Ritvik Resutra || Dr. Rajive Gupta* || Dr. Haroon Salaria
64 A Case Report on Strongyloidiasis in a Post Covid Patient

Author: Reza Rajesh || Linu M Thomas
65 A prospective study comparing a low dose bupivacaine and fentanyl mixture to a conventional dose of hyperbaric bupivacaine for elective lower segment Caesarean section

Author: Dr. Sandip N. Baheti || Dr. Tanya Gulia || Dr. Shreyank Premchand Solanki
66 A Comparative Study of Executive Dysfunction in Alcohol Dependent Patients With Healthy Controls

Author: Dr. Rujul Modi || Dr. Manju Bhaskar || Dr. Keerat Kaur
67 Influence of Covid-19 Pandemic: Stress and Depression among Health Care Professionals

Author: Santhi Raj Kolamuri || Siva Prabodh Vuddandi*
68 Women’s Perception about Menopause in Lagos, Nigerian

Author: Abidoye Gbadegesin || Yusuf A. Oshodi || Ayokunle Olumodeji || Oladimeji Makinde || Haleemah F. Olalere || Oluwarotimi I. Akinola
69 Co-occurrence of Compound Odontoma And Dentigerous Cyst

Author: Arjun Parameswar R || Akhilesh Prathap || Lisa Elizabeth Jacob || Abijith R S *
70 Evaluation of Placental Histopathology in Cases of Intrauterine Fetal Death

Author: Dr. Minal Thakre || Dr. Nilima Lodha || * Dr. Niranjana Sakhare
71 Clinical Profile and Socio-demographic Factors Associated with Daytime Wetting in Children

Author: Ravinder K. Gupta* || Ritu Gupta || Abhai S Bhadwal
72 Knowledge, Attitude and Practices Regarding COVID-19 Pandemic among Rural Residents of Puducherry- A Cross Sectional Study

Author: Dr. M. Mercy * || Dr. R. Arulprasad || Dr. Rajini .S
73 COVID-19-related psychological manifestations during lockdown among India's working population: an online survey

Author: Deepak Malik || Sunil Kumar || Yogita Sharma* || V. N. Yadav
74 Case Series on Herpes Zoster: Clinical Manifestations, Management and After Care

Author: Dr Vibhor Goyal || Dr Shweta Sharma
75 Intensive Blood Glucose Management in the Intensive Care Unit – Its Safety and Efficacy in the Indian Context

Author: Ivan Koshy || Benson Abraham || Sumi Lukose
76 Salivary diagnostics, an emanating biofluid as a diagnostic aid: A review

Author: Dr. Sonam Gehi || Dr. Deshraj Jain || Dr. Alka Gupta || Dr. Mayank Vagadia
77 A Study of Factors Influencing Exclusive Breast Feeding In Infants

Author: Dr. S. N.Bhagyamma || *Dr. P. V. Srinivasa Kumar || Dr. Padmaja Pujari
78 Infiltrative Heart Diseases – An Update

Author: Dr Satyanarayan Routray || Dr Dipak Ranjan Das
79 Association between anthropometric indices, lipid accumulation product and atherogenic indices in adolescents

Author: Darshini Kattula || Dr. Harini Devi || Nimmanapalli
80 Functioning of Ethics Committee during COVID-19 Pandemic: The challenges

Author: Dr Ganesh Dakhale || Dr. Mrunalini kalikar
81 Most Advantageous Personality and Soft-skills Required in Health Science: From Perspectives of Students and Professionals

Author: Natthapat Chittiang || Natthida Yaruang || Pinyapat Jitsuparp || Worrawalan Sukanake || Yanisa Peerachaisomboon
82 Self-medication practices in under-five children by their parents in rural population of Manipur: A cross-sectional study

Author: Avinash Keisam || Ningombam Joenna Devi*
83 A Pre-Peritoneal Liposarcoma - A Case Report

Author: Dr.Tasmia Papa || Dr. Anbalagan Pichaimuthu || Dr. Sonti Sulochana || Prof Dr. Kannan Devy Gounder
84 A Pre-Peritoneal Liposarcoma - A Case Report

Author: Dr.Tasmia Papa || Dr. Anbalagan Pichaimuthu || Dr. Sonti Sulochana || Prof Dr. Kannan Devy Gounder
85 Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma presenting with Obstructive Jaundice – a Management Predicament with High Mortality

Author: Dr. Chauhan Smita * (DNB) || Dr. Jha, Sneha (MS) || Dr. Gautam, Abhishek (MS) || Dr. Masood || Shakeel (MS, MCh) || Dr. Panday || Anshuman (MS)
86 Attenuation of Stress Response during Laryngoscopy and Endotracheal Intubation- A Prospective Randomised Double Blind Study

Author: Ritika Jindal* || Jasbir Kaur
87 Serum Interleukin 1 Receptor Antagonist Levels Correlate with Daytime Somnolence in Fibromyalgia

Author: Sandeep Surendran* || Arun Tiwari || Anjali Ravikumar || Abhiram Pillai || Nisha George
88 Demographic, Clinical and Laboratory Profiles of Anaemia in Children Six Months to Five Years Age

Author: Dr. Sangeeta Das* || Dr. Bela Verma || Dr. Aayushi Singh || Dr. Kriti Nautiyal || Dr. Vinita Tripathy

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