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International Journal of
Medical Science and Current Research

Volume 4 Issue 3 May


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1 Knowledge, Attitude and Practices Related To Covid-19 Infection

Author: Nupur Hooja || Kirti Verma || Premlata Mital * || Shimla Meena || Neha Singh || Aditi Jaiswal
2 A Systematic Review of Knowledge and Practices of Administration of Intramuscular Injection by Clinical Nurses

Author: Mrs. Shalini Abraham || Dr Rita Lakhani || Ms Maharathi Neelamrani Sudarshan, || Jadhav Manish Chandrakant || Jawal Suruchi Ashok || Koli Prachi Madhukar || Kudke Shivani Ramesh
3 Predictive Accuracy of C Reactive Protein in Relation with Adverse Outcome of Ischemic Stroke

Author: Rashmita Pradhan* || Subhasish Singh
4 Exclusive Primary Endodontic Rotary File Systems

Author: Dr. Ningthoukhongjam Rati Devi || Dr. Pheiroijam Herojit Singh || Dr. N. Sukumar Singh
5 Vertical Transmission of Anti-SARS-CoV-2 IgG Antibodies from Mothers exposed to Covid-19 Infection during Pregnancy – A Retrospective Study

Author: *Dr. Shalini Khare || Dr. Ruchi Sachdeva || Dr. Neena Agrawal || Dr. Mamta Bansal || Dr. Arun Mahajan || Dr. Gargi Ghosh
6 3D Endo: Novel and Exciting Software for Endodontics

Author: Dr. Sriparna Jana* || Dr. Priti D Desai || Dr. Debojyoti Das || Dr. Sankalita Pal
7 Human Resilience-a study of pandemics

Author: Varsha Gautam || Sushant Shekher* || Dhabalendu Samanta
8 Uropathogens and Their Antibiotic Sensitivity and Resistance Pattern in South India

Author: Jha Anamika Kumari || Ayesha Raoof || Ansari Abdullah || Nisar Moaaz Mohammed
9 Acute Toxicity Study of Siddha Varma Formulation Neerizhivu Kudineer in Albino Wister Rats

Author: Dr. G. Thirunarayanan* || Dr. Binthuja G Dharan || Dr. S.Sujatha || Dr. A.Muneeswaran
10 Awareness, Knowledge and Attitude of Dental Practitioners to the Use of Computer Aided Designing and Computer Aided Manufacturing (Cad-Cam) - A Questionnaire Based Study

Author: Dr Kalyani Moharil * || Dr Smita Khalikar || Dr Shankar Dange || Dr Kishor Mahale
11 Assessment of Risk Factors among Cardiovascular Disease Patients- A Retrospective Study

Author: M. Karthika || Nancy Sinha || Dr.M.Rangapriya*
12 Role of Serum Ferritin in Diagnosing Iron Deficiency Inflammatory Conditions

Author: Dr. Anil Batta
13 Comparison of spinal anaesthesia characteristics of intrathecal levobupivacaine 0.5% and ropivacaine 0.5% with dexmedetomidine as an adjuvant

Author: Dr.Madhusudan Mukkara || Dr.Shravani Pabba || Dr. Shaik Sumiya Begum || Dr. Shameem Sunkesula || Dr.Aloka Samantaray || Dr. Andal Venkatraman || Dr. Hanumantha Rao Mangu
14 Suprachoroidal Anti Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor –An Innovative, Potent and Safe Therapy for Wet Age Related Macular Degeneration

Author: Dr. Perwez Khan || Dr Ditsha Datta || Dr. Parul Singh
15 Recent Advances In Head And Neck Cancer Reconstruction : A Review

Author: 338-345
16 Double edged sword - Matrix Metalloproteinases: A Review

Author: Selvaraj Silviya || Vijayarangan Anitha || Muthukali Shanmugam || Balachandran Ashwath || Elumalai Agila || Durai Aishwarya
17 Expression of Cancer stem cell marker CD133 with clinicopathogical parameters in Tobacco induced Oral submucosal carcinoma and Oral submucosal fibrosis

Author: Shraddha Awasthi* || Ausaf Ahmad || Anand Narain Srivastava
18 Platypnea – Orthodeoxia as A Predictor of Severity in Covid Pneumonia – A Cross Sectional Observational Study in A Tertiary Care Hospital in Chennai

Author: Dr. P. Paranthaman || Dr. Ramya Venkatesan || Dr. S. Chandrasekar || Dr.Vasanthamani || Dr. V. Balaraman
19 To study the correlation of visual display terminal (VDT) with dry eye disease (DED) among MBBS students during covid 19 era

Author: Dr. Ritu Jain (MBBS, MS) || Dr. Saniya Ahmad Farooqui || Dr.Rahul Verma
20 Case of Cerebral Venous Thrombosis-An Anaesthetic Management of LSCS

Author: Dr Kalpana Kulkarni || Dr Anita Kadam || Dr Rashmi NS
21 Six Years Histopathological Spectrum Of Breast Lesions In A Tertiary Care Hospital

Author: Dr Shaista Mustaq Hamdani || Dr Abdul Maajed Jehangeer || Dr Rohi Wani || Dr Josepheen Shahmiri || Dr Sheema Sheikh || Bilkis Qadir
22 Calcium Deficiency in children and the linkage to height: A Review

Author: Pearnan Boonliam
23 Adjuvant therapy with Serratiopeptidase and Vitamin D for COVID-19 patients: A new perspective

Author: Kuldeep Kumar Gupta || Adil Rahman || Ajai Kumar || Pratibha Gavel || Priyanka Asia
24 Elevated circulatory levels of inflammatory marker IL-6 in Acute Coronary Syndrome patients in a tertiary care hospital

Author: Keshav Kale || DeepaliVidhate || G R Kane
25 Incidence of secondary dyslipidemia and NAFLD in women with hypothyroidism

Author: Suresh Ade || Deepali Vidhae || Mahesh Padsalge* || Archana Bhate
26 Assessment of Awareness amongst Dental Practitioners Regarding Aerosols in Dentistry and Its Impact on Public Health in the Covid Era

Author: Dr. Apoorva Sokke Mallikarjunappa || Dr.Swati George* || Dr. Suchetha Aghanashini || Dr. Aparna Suraj || Dr. Sapna Nadiger || Dr.Divya Bhat
27 Epidermoid Cyst of Glans Penis a Rare Case Report

Author: Pradeep Balmiki*|| Anup Verma || Kamlesh Maurya || Sandeep Ahirwar
28 Status of Lipid Profile in Severe Acute Malnutrition Aged 6 Months to < 5 Yrs Children

Author: Rameshwar Ninama || Mohammad Asif || Badri lal Meghwal || Rameshwar Lal Suman*
29 Intraoperative Risk Factors for Surgical Site Infection in Caesarean Sections

Author: Kishna Ram || Alka Batar || Kavita Arya || Nupur Hooja * || Shimla Meena || Bhavini Tuli
30 Evaluation of Safety and Acceptability of Injection Ferric Carboxymaltose and Iron Sucrose in Anaemia in Pregnancy

Author: Kavita Arya || Alka Batar || Kishna Ram || Nupur Hooja * || Shimla Meena || Bhavini Tuli
31 Genotypic identification of Non Tuberculous Mycobacteria from culture proven isolates- A 7 years retrospective study from a Referral laboratory, Chennai

Author: Lakshmipathy Dhanurekha || Madhuravasal Krishnan Janani || Hajib Narahari Rao Madhavan
32 Histopathological Spectrum of Ovarian Lesion in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Vindhya region

Author: Dr. Medha Singh Tiwari || Dr. Priyanka Agrawal * || Dr. S.K. Sutrakar || Dr. Santosh Singh || Dr. U.R. Singh || Dr. Ajay Kumar Gupta
33 Epidemiology of Haemoglobin Disorders in East Midnapore District, West Bengal, especially from Haldia: A Report of 5-year study

Author: Siddhartha Gupta || Sayantan Jana || Soma Gupta*
34 Correlation of Maternal Serum ionic calcium and Magnesium Levels with Foetal Outcome

Author: Dr Premlata Mital || Dr Saloni Sethi || Dr Ankita Chaudhary || Dr Nupur Hooja* || Dr Aditi Arora || Dr Vikas Kumar Kasana
35 Role Of Dexmedetomidine Pre-Medication On Hemodynamic Response To Laryngoscopy, Endotracheal Intubation And Intraocular Pressure Changes Following Suxamethonium Administration In Patients Undergoing Elective Non-Ophthalmic Operations Under General Anesthesia

Author: Dr. Shaista Yaqoob* || Dr. Azka Sunain Khan || Dr, Gazala Yaqoob || Dr. Abdul Qayoom Lone
36 Trans-umbilical Direct Primary Trocar Entry in Laparoscopic Surgery: Complications & Efficiency

Author: Dr. Ritvik Resutra || Dr. Rajive Gupta* || Dr. Pooja Gupta
37 Knowledge and Practices regarding Contraceptive use among Married Reproductive aged Females: A cross sectional study

Author: Anuj Kapoor || Kamna Singh || Dr.Nidhi Gupta
38 Knowledge, Perspective and Perception on Injection Phobia and the Need for Newer Technology Based Injections among General Population: An Observational study

Author: Dr. Devi V N Akshay Varma Dwarabandam || Dr. Sushma Reddy Mudhireddy || Goje Vidyasagar || Dr. C. Tirumala Ravali || Dr. Naseemoon Shaik || Dr Pudi Sri Harsha
39 A Study of Thyroid Function Tests and Different Parameters of Metabolic Syndrome

Author: Sumit Yadav || Kalbe Jawad* || Manoj Kumar || Ajai Kumar || Pradeep Sharma || Ramniwas Sharma || Premprakash
40 Co-transmission of HBV and HCV in HIV Infected Non- Brothel based Female Sex Workers in India

Author: Dr. Purnima Barua* || Dr. Jagadish Mahanta || Dr. Jayesh Dale
41 Incidence and Risk factors of Radiation induced Mucositis in Patients with Head and Neck malignancy undergoing radiotherapy: an observational study in a selected hospital in Mumbai, India

Author: Rita Lakhani || Deepa Reddy
42 Bacteriological Profile of Keratitis and It’s Antibiotic Susceptibility Pattern

Author: Dr Preeti Sharma || Dr. Krishna S
43 Clinical and microbiological efficacy of systemic ayurvedic immunomodulator in the treatment of chronic periodontitis-- A randomized double blind placebo controlled clinical trial

Author: Karvekar SU || Dhelaria RS || Devani VR || Kondaveeti LK
44 William Clark’s Myofunctional Appliance Therapy for Correction of Decreased Mandibular Length in a Growing Class II Skeletal Pattern Patient – a Case Report

Author: Dr. Bhushan Jawale || Dr. Lishoy Rodrigues || Dr. K.M. Keluskar || Dr. Anup Belludi || Dr. Biju Kalarickal
45 Correction of Smile and Profile in a Patient with Bimaxillary Dentoalveolar Protrusion Using Pre-Adjusted Edgewise Mechanotherapy – A Case Report

Author: Dr. Bhushan Jawale || Dr. Lishoy Rodrigues || Dr.Vijay Naik || Dr.Veerendra Kerudi || Dr. Pushkar Gawande || Dr.Amit Nehete
46 Anaesthetic Management of a Patient with Coarctation of Aorta for Balloon Dilatation

Author: Nisha Jha || Nikhil Yadav || Manikanta Goda
47 A Study of Clinico-Hematological Profile of Patients with Febrile Neutropenia in Tertiary Care Centre

Author: Gowrisankar A* || Prakash V
48 Immunophenotypic Profile of Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma by Flow Cytometry and Immunohistochemistry in Peripheral Blood and Bone Marrow

Author: Manali Satiza || Nisha Marwah || Monika Gupta || Sudhir Atri || Sunita Singh || Richa Sharma || Rajeev Sen
49 A Clinical Study of Mastalgia

Author: Dr. Srinwanti Bhattacharyya || Dr. Debaleena Goswami || Dr. Fleming Nagarajan || Dr. Roy Lalliantluanga Thangluah || Dr. Th. Sudhir Chandra Singh || Dr. S. Ranita Devi || Dr. Rahul Das || Dr. Nityanand
50 A Rare Case of Papillary Glioneural Tumor: A Case Report

Author: Tushar Soni || Mahendra Patel* || Vikrant Pawar
51 Correlation of Immunohistochemical Expression of p53 in Benign and Malignant Prostate Lesions

Author: Deepti Agarwal || Anu Sharan* || Swaran Kaur || Ruchi Agarwal || Atul Khandelwal
52 A Comparative Study of Pattern of Post-Operative Leukocytosis and Fever in Elective and Emergency Surgery Cases

Author: Dr. Darshanjit Singh Walia || Dr. Rommel Singh Mohi || Dr. Shivam Bhalla* || Dr. Manpreet Kaur || Dr. Leena Chopra
53 Knowledge and awareness on role of diet in dental caries among parents of primary school children of Khowai town: A cross-sectional survey

Author: Nirmal Debbarma || Gaurav Gupta || Abhishek Khairwa || Manohar Bhat
54 Hygiene and sanitation practices among urban slum dwellers of distirct Kathua J&K: A cross sectional study

Author: Anuj Kapoor || Kamna Singh || Suresh Kotwal
55 Ordeals in the Dental Management of a Child with Lesch Nyhan Syndrome: A Case Report

Author: Dr. Divyasri Subramanian || Dr. Anitha Anand || Dr. Sunil Raj N || Dr.Manjushree R || Dr. Nandan N || Dr. Soundarya Vishwanathan || Dr. Hiranmayee Chakravartula || Dr. Krishnendu U. G
56 Introduction of Mini-CEX as A Formative Assessment Tool for Postgraduates In Pediatric Department

Author: Dr. Poonam Singh || Dr. Amita Surana2* || Dr. Radhika Iyer || Dr. Krupa Maheshwari || Dr. Presha Desai
57 Effect of Inhalation of Nitrous Oxide on the Induction Dose and Time Requirement of Propofol for Induction of General Anaesthesia

Author: Dr Aparna Abhijit Bagle || Dr Shivani Shrirang Phansalkar* || Dr Reema Jawale

Author: Dr. Sankalita Pal || Dr. Priti D Desai || Dr Ipsita Maity || Dr Sriparna Jana
59 A Rare Case of Adult Necrotizing Enterocolitis

Author: Debaleena Goswami || Fleming Nagarajan || Roy Lalliantluanga Thangluah || Rahul Das || Nityanand || Stellone Khulem || S. Ranita Devi
60 Proseal laryngeal mask airway versus endotracheal tube intubation: A clinical comparative study of its hemodynamic response and complications in pediatric patient undergoing elective surgery

Author: Dr. Bhavini Shah || Dr. Tanya Gulia || Dr. Shreyank Solanki

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