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International Journal of
Medical Science and Current Research

Volume 4 Issue 1 February


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1 Management of Ankyloglossia by Diode Laser: A Case Report

Author: Abhishek Dubey || Ravi Prakash b S || Jawaid Badr || Sharanya Bose || Rekha Puttannavar
2 Atypical Radiological Presentations Of Covid-19 – The Rare Case Reports

Author: Balbir Malhotra || Dilbag Singh || Amritpal Kaur || Harveen Kaur || Jasvir Kaur
3 Risk factors of breast cancer: Different Indian scenario: An initial report

Author: Dr. Firoz Chowdhury || Dr. Jaydeep Mandal || Dr Sekhar Roy
4 The correlation between Active Empathic Listening and Social Media Addiction in Thai High School Students

Author: Natlada Sermsintham || Natcha Thanasumpanth || Shayathip Dumkum || Tanyaton Oran
5 Bronchogenic cyst in an infant

Author: Dr. Sitikantha Nayak* || Dr. Baikuntha Narayan Mishra || Dr Biswajit Mohapatra || Dr. Ranjit Kumar Joshi || Dr. Prabin Prakash Pahi
6 Analysis of Pattern of Substance Abuse among Medical Students of Madhya Pradesh India

Author: Dr Seema S Sutay || Mr. Mit Patel || Dr. Anil Mangeshkar*
7 Adverse drug reactions in patients of drug-resistant tuberculosis treated with Bedaquiline based optimized background regimen during intensive phase: A single centre observational study

Author: Dr. Ankit Singh Tomar || Dr. Rohit Sarin || Dr. Vikram Vohra || Dr. Jitendra Kumar Saini
8 Functional Outcome of Complex Intra Articular Distal Radius Fracture Managed With Ligamentotaxis With or Without K Wire Augmentation

Author: Dr. Pankaj Kumar Singh || Dr. Pratik Tank
9 Assessment of Serum Lipid Profile in Hypertensive Patients of Balawala Area, District Dehradun, Uttrakhand

Author: *Anil Kumar || Saundarya Deepak || R.K. Singh
10 Plasmacytosis of Gingiva: A Case Report

Author: Dr. Siddharth Pundir || *Dr. Aena Jain Pundir || Dr. Smriti Gupta || Dr. Lawanya Chandrakar
11 A comparative study on the effects of propofol and etomidate on haemodynamic stability, seizure duration and recovery profile during electroconvulsive therapy

Author: Dr. E. Mahesh || Dr Hemalatha Pasupuleti || Dr. Aloka Samantaray || Dr. Andal Venkatraman || Dr. Sivanandh || Dr.Mangu Hanumantha Rao || Dr. Shameem Sunkesula
12 CBCT: A Horizon in the Diagnosis of Multiple Dentigerous Cysts of the Jaws: A Case Report

Author: Dr. Jaishri S. Pagare || Dr. Bhagyshri R. Landage || Dr. Vaishali. Nandkhedkar || Dr. Nimisha. S. Pagare
13 Relationship of Fungal Infection with Neutrophils and Macrophages in Cervical Smears

Author: Dr. Sushna Maharjan
14 Evaluation of predictability of airway indices to detect difficult laryngoscopy in diabetic and nondiabetic patients receiving general anaesthesia with tracheal intubation

Author: Dr Mangu Hanumantha Rao || Dr Aloka Samantaray || Dr Sri Devi Radhapuram* || Dr Anakapalli Muralidhar4
15 Independent association between biochemical markers and clinical outcome in COVID-19 patients at a tertiary care centre in India

Author: Shikha Saxena* || Abhinav Srivastava || Rashmi Katyal || Prem Chandra Srivastava || Reena Rani
16 Prevalence Of Squamous Cell Carcinoma Among Lip Lesions: A 15 Year Institutional Experience

Author: Dr Humayun K Maner || Dr. Jyoti D Bhavthankar || Dr. Mandakini S Mandale || Dr. Jayanti G Humbe || Dr. Vaishali A Nandkhedkar || Savita P Dhage
17 Prosthetic Rehabilitation of Amputated Partial Foot with Silicone- A Case Report

Author: Dr. Mithra R* || Dr. Pazhani Prasanth || Dr. Prabhu K || Dr. Jitin Varghese Mathew
18 Prosthetic Rehabilitation of Amputated Partial Foot with Silicone- A Case Report

Author: Dr. Mithra R* || Dr. Pazhani Prasanth || Dr. Prabhu K || Dr. Jitin Varghese Mathew
19 Sentinel lymph node biopsy in Early Oral Squamous cell carcinoma: A Review

Author: Abdul Wahid Mir || Syed Arshad Mustafa || Hasina Qari || Shah Naveed
20 Antibacterial activity of soybean seed (Glycine max) extract on Streptococcus mutans- An In-Vitro Study

Author: Sekar Aswini || Girish R Shavi || Shankar S || Ranganath Sanga || Lalithambigai G || Santhakumari S
21 Estimation of Serum Zinc Levels in Asthmatic Children in Malwa Region of Punjab

Author: Dr.Garima Sehgal || Dr.Anil Kumar Batta || Dr.Tejinder Singh
22 Brain abscess Review

Author: Juárez-Rebollar Daniel * || Juárez-Rebollar Alejandra Giselle || Sosa-Martínez María del Rosario || Mader-Alba Christopher || Broc-Haro Guy Gilbert
23 Anaesthetic Considerations for General Anaesthesia in an Acromegalic Patient

Author: Nitu Yadav || Anish Kumar Singh || Mamta Jain || Neha Bharti || Paras Bajaj || Vasudha Govil
24 Challenges in pandemic: Experience of fully operational blood center of hilly terrain during COVID19 era

Author: Gurpreet Kaur Taggar || Sandeep Kumar Malhotra || Tarunjot Singh || Shivani Sood || Apurva Chauhan || Payal Vij
25 Biosmart Materials in Dentistry: The Future Is Here

Author: Dr. Raghavendr Singh || Dr.Medha Lakhanam
26 To Assess the HbA1c measurement as a diagnostic marker of undiagnosed diabetes mellitus among patients with acute coronary syndrome at tertiary care hospital

Author: Dr. Bhagawan Pandharinath Gore
27 A Study on Evaluation of Serum Ferritin Levels in Patients of Hypertension in a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital

Author: Dr. R.P.Sathvika* || Dr.D.Alamelu Mangai || Dr.T.Kavitha
28 Serum Zinc Levels Amongst Pregnant Women in Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital in South India

Author: Dr.R.P.Sathvika || Dr.S.Sindu Priya*
29 Evaluation of the Effect of Intravenous Dexmedetomidine on Sevoflurane Anaesthesia during Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy: A Randomized Placebo Controlled Trial

Author: Sagnik Das || Amrita Roy || Anirban Chatterjee || Rajat Choudhuri * || Suman Sarkar || Prof. Gautam Piplai
30 Comparative Evaluation of Veress Needle and Direct Trocar Entry in Closed Access Technique in Laparoscopic Surgery

Author: Dr Jaydeep Mondal || Dr Firoz Chowdhury
31 Sudden onset of atypical mycobacterial port site infections in a newly established less equipped medical college and hospital: An easily preventable problem

Author: Dr Firoz Chowdhury || Dr Anindya Mukherjee
32 A Rare Case of Localized Tetanus

Author: Gurdeep Kaur || Rajveer Bunker || Jainendra Sharma || Sathish S || Vinod Meghwal || Gaurav Sharma* || Aastha Kalra
33 Red Cell Indices in Patients of Acute Coronary syndrome: A case control study from Southern Rajasthan

Author: Jainendra Sharma || Gurdeep Kaur || Ranjna Veerwal || Gaurav Sharma* || Satish Kumar || Jitendra Beniwal || Yaduvir Singh Meena || Aastha Kalra || Avinash Sharma
34 Consequences of smoking on ocular surface: A comparative study

Author: Dr Harvinder Nagpal || Dr Mandeep Kaur
35 Outcome of Carbimazole Therapy in Indian Patients of Graves’ Disease over a Period of 12 Months

Author: Ashu Goyal || Pranab Kumar Sahana || Biswarup Mukherjee || Nilanjan Sengupta
36 To study the effect of dexmedetomidine administered as bolus versus as bolus- plus- infusion on subarachnoid anaesthesia with hyperbaric bupivacaine in lower limb orthopaedic surgery

Author: Dr Mayuri Golhar || Dr Manisha Yadav || Dr Nandita Kad || Dr Tarun Yadav
37 Telehealth- a powerful but underutilized domain of health services that proved to be saviour to millions worldwide during COVID- 19 pandemics- A viewpoint

Author: *Amit Kant Singh ||Ramakant Yadav || Raj Kumar || Dinesh Kumar || Amit Singh
38 Correlation between Primary Tumor Size and Axillary Lymph Nodes in Carcinoma Breast

Author: Vikramaditya Chauhan || Khuraijam Gojen Singh* || Sandeep Samson || Achom Bala chanu || Aishwarya Beena
39 Rare case of troublesome tracheal tumor: Fibrosarcoma

Author: Anmol Wadhwa || Bhagyashree Sagane || Bhavika Verma || Yogesh Dabholkar
40 Management of Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency: an Updated Review

Author: Ramadhan Oruch
41 Acute Hemiparesis - Geriatric Physiotherapy – When and what to treat?

Author: Dr.S.S.Subramanian
42 Time Utilisation Pattern during Active Case Finding Of Tuberculosis in a Programmatic Setup in Pondicherry

Author: Dr.M.Mercy* || Dr.Kalaiselvi
43 Bacteriological Profile and Antibiotic Susceptibility Patterns in Cancer Patients

Author: Dr.Nagalakshmi.R || Ms. Ahalya Swaminathan Prasad
44 Impact of PCR-based Multiplex Minipool NAT on Donor Blood Screening at a Tertiary Care Hospital Blood Bank in North India

Author: Sangeeta Pathak* || Tamojit Chakraborty || Surjit Singh || Ruchi Dubey
45 Analysis of CSF cytology in paediatric patients-An experience from a tertiary care hospital

Author: Yasir Bashir || Nusrat Bashir || Ruby reshi
46 Reasons Contributing to the Unethical Decision Making of Thai High School Students

Author: Napas Sipiyarak || Jongpanaporn Charoenkul || Siraphop Phrailuecha || Nichada Putthong
47 Incidence of Cysts Associated With the Third Molars: A Retrospective Study

Author: Dr. Geeta Sharma || Dr. Bipin Bulgannawar || Dr. Khalid Mohammed Agwani || Dr. Ramank Mathur || Dr. Pooja Rambilas Sarda || Dr. Raghvendra singh || Arvind Narela || Dr. Aaisha Tanvir Ansari
48 Assessment of Medical Graduates & Post Graduates Physician’s Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of Radiation Dose & Safety in Bundelkhand Region of Madhya Pradesh

Author: Dr. Sushil Gour* || Dr. Punya Pratap Singh || Dr. Vrashbhan Ahirwar || Rajesh Kumar Maurya || Dr. Mahendra Dhakar
49 Patterns in renal diseases diagnosed by kidney biopsy: A single centre experience

Author: Karan Kumar Saraf || Suraj Godara
50 A Comparative Evaluation of fracture strength of Cusp in Primary and Permanent Teeth Using Three Different Restorative Materials - an in Vitro Study

Author: Pallavi P Jhawar * || Ruchi V Arora || Juhi P Mehta || Piyush H Kalsariya
51 The Association between Tobacco Smoking and Coronary Heart Disease in Autopsy Cases

Author: Dr. Minakshi Rajput || Dr Sunil Jaiswal || Dr. Sandeep Bhandari || Dr. Jitha Shaju || Dr. Biji Anita John
52 Prevalence of HPV in the Patients of Chronic Cervicitis –A Genotypic Study

Author: Dr. Ankita Tripathi || Prof. (Dr) R. Sujatha
53 Levels of Anxiety Before and After Three Months of Dissection in First Year Medical Students at a Kenyan University

Author: Lakati Kevin Christopher || Muthomi Kennedy || Parsimei Magdalene || Waithima Joy || Gisemba Eugene || Marando Ivan || Odhiambo Michael
54 COVID-19 Strikes after a successful surgery of massive Ateriovenous Malformation face: A case report

Author: Dr. Jasmeet Singh || Dr. Bikramjit Singh || Dr. Inderpal Kaur
55 Fabrication of Hollow Maxillofacial Prosthesis Using Three Different Methods- A Case Series

Author: Dr Aditya Banik * || Dr (Prof.) Jayanta Bhattacharyya || Dr (Prof.) Samiran Das || Dr (Prof.) Soumitra Ghosh || Dr (Prof.) Preeti Goel || Dr Sanjukta Biswas
56 Prevalence of Rh Phenotypes in Blood Donors: A Prospective Study in the Blood Bank of a Tertiary Care Centre

Author: Qurana Khatoon* || Sayeedul Hasan Arif
57 A Clinical Comparison of Combined Spinal Epidural Anesthesia Using Two Different Techniques- Double Spaces Vs Single Space Approach, in Lower Limb Orthopaedic Surgeries: A Randomized Controlled Study

Author: Pramod Kalgudi || Bindu George || Arpana K
58 Evaluation of Outcome after Open Latarjet Procedure for Recurrent Dislocation of Shoulder with Significant Glenoid Bone Loss

Author: Dr Rajesh Maji || Dr Md Emdad Hossain || Professor (Dr) Kaushik Banerjee || Dr Ranjit Kumar Shaw
59 Evaluation of Risk Factors for Post Laparotomy Abdominal Wound Dehiscence at a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital

Author: Dr. Advait Prakash (MS,MCh,FMAS) || Dr. Aditya Khaitan (MS) || Dr Manoj Kela (MS) || Dr Rajesh Sharma (MS) || Dr Saurabh Gautam || Dr Ali Abbas || Dr Sapna Patidar || Dr Nikita Chaudhary
60 Comparative evaluation of manual, RVG, MDCT & CBCT methods for working length measurement:An in vitro study

Author: Piyali Dutta || Priti Desai || Kaushik Dutta
61 2 Years Follow Up Study of Unstable Distal End Radius Fractures Treated By 2.7 mm Anatomical Locking Plates

Author: Dr. Neetin P Mahajan || Dr. Prasanna Kumar G S || Dr. Lalkar Gadod || Dr. Tushar Patil
62 Sero Prevalence of Hepatitis B Infection among Pregnant Women in Leh District of Ladakh

Author: Rinchen Angmo || Tsering Zangmo || Zahid Hussain
63 Pap Smear As An Effective Screening Tool In Cervical Cancer

Author: Dr.Chanchal Ashok || Dr. Deepankar* || Dr. Vidyapati
64 Aerobic bacteriological study of osteomyelitis with special reference to Staphylococcus aureus phage typing

Author: *Krishnaveni A || Lakshmi Kumari R || Rajasekhar K || Premlata M
65 Association of Inflammatory Marker with Lipid Profile in Women with PCOS

Author: Anuradha Khichar || Dr. Shallu Gupta || Dr. Sandhya Mishra || Dr.Mohan Meena*
66 Optical Cohorent Tomography in Orthodontics

Author: Dr. Sandhya Jain || Dr. Nikita Choudhary
67 Diagnostic Utility of ERG Expression in Adenocarcinoma Prostate: A Tertiary Care Center Study

Author: Dr. S R Borgohain || Dr. Ajay Malik || Dr.Jitu Kalita || Dr. Hari Mohan*
68 Recurrent Pneumonia in Children: Clinical Profile and Underlying Causes

Author: Dr. Umeair Farooq Kazime || Abdus Sami Bhat || Kaisar Ahmad
69 Efficacy of Eutectic mixture of Local Anaesthetics and Diclofenac spray in Attenuating Intravenous Cannulation Pain- Parallel Randomized Trial

Author: Dr. Anju Rani || Dr. Geeta Choudhary || Dr. Monika Chhikara || Dr. Sudha Puhal || Dr. Vasudha Govil
70 Correlation of Salivary Levels of Matrix Metalloproteinase -2 with Dentinal Caries And Its Levels Pre and Post Type IX Glass Ionomer Cement Restoration

Author: Anirban Chatterjee || Praveen Kumar S Mandroli || Kishore Bhat || Rani Bansode
71 Morphometric and Histopathological Differentiation between Placenta of PIH and Normal Pregnancy

Author: Dhiraj Saxena || Pooja Garg* || Megha Agrawal
72 A Clinical Study of Extremity Ulcers: Co-Relating Etiology and Management

Author: Dr. Shaunak Saha || Dr. Pooja Agarwal || Dr. Meghna Kinjalk || Prof. Dr. Sameer Kadam
73 A study to determine the leftover medicines and to assess its disposal practices among the urban population of Cochin

Author: Sambhu Ramesh || Leyanna Susan George || Minu Maria Mathew || Jose Kochuparambil
74 Peripheral Blood Manifestations of COVID-19: A Single Centre Study

Author: Ashaq Hussain Parrey || Mir Sadaqat Hassan Zafar || Mohd. Ismail || Mohd Kashif || Muzaffar Najar || Yasmeen Amin || Manzoor koka || Murtaza Noor || Abir Aijaz
75 Total Body Irradiation: A Preliminary experience from a tertiary care Centre

Author: Dr. Mayuresh Virkar || Dr. Varsha Mandloi || Dr. Pranav Chadha* || Dr. Kaustav Talapatra || Dr. Santanu Sen || Dr. Sameer Tulpule
76 Oral Health Care Of Children with Intellectual Disability during COVID 19 Pandemic – An Overview

Author: Dr. Arnab Santra || Prof. (Dr.) Shabnam Zahir || Dr. Aindrila Ghosh
77 Burned-Out Testicular Tumor: A Case Report

Author: Dr. Anjana Paul || Dr. Krishna G.
78 Prevalence of Stress among Bank Employees in Trivandrum during Covid-19 Pandemic: A Cross- Sectional Study

Author: Aswinin D || Adwaith A R || Dr. Leyanna Susan George || Dr. Charutha Retnakumar || Minu Maria Mathew
79 A Comparative Evaluation of 0.5%Levobupivacaine And 0.5% Racemic Bupivacaine on Spinal Anaesthesia for ACL Tear Repair: A Randomised Controlled Trial

Author: Dr Tulika Singh || Dr. Kislay Kant
80 Limb Body Wall Complex-A Case Series

Author: Joshila Devi Leishangthem || Irungbam Deven Singh || R.K. Ajita Devi

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