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International Journal of
Medical Science and Current Research

Volume 3 Issue 3


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1 Diagnostic significance of Ratio of height to thyromental distance (RHTMD) of difficult airway for endotracheal intubation

Author: Dr. Lokendra Gupta || Dr. Devyani Misra || Dr. Rita Wahal
2 Dengue fever presenting with acute cerebellitis in an adult patient

Author: Vineet Jain || Rafey Khan || Khan Afreen || Abhinav Jain || Sunil Kohli || Romit Bhushan
3 An Epidemiological Comparative Cross Sectional study on the assessment of Noise Induced Partial Hearing Loss among adult factory workers near a Tertiary Health Institute

Author: Dr. Vineeta Gupta || Dr Priyanka Sahu *
4 Approach To Thrombocytopenia – A Clinicopathological Study

Author: Dr.Preethi.S || Dr.Suresh.R* || Dr. Eswari Varadarajan
5 Comparison of North Pole (Ivory) V/S PVC Endotracheal Tube for Nasotracheal Intubation

Author: Sanjay S Bule* || Sandhya A Bakshi || Narendra Gupta
6 Neurological manifestation and Coagulation abnormalities and Thrombosis in patients with COVID-19- An observational study and review of literature

Author: *Dr. Abhinav Prakash JRIII(Surgery) || **DR. Mayank Mishra SR Neurosurgery || ***Dr. Sanjay Sharma
7 Work-Related Behaviour And Experience Patterns And Its Associations Among Medical Students Of A Teaching Hospital In Eastern India

Author: Dr Adwitiya Das* || Dr Kuntal Bhattacharyya
8 A Comparative Analysis of Efficacy, Safety and Effect on Quality of Life of Mirabegron versus Solifenacin in Patients with Overactive Bladder

Author: Bhatia S || Singh H* || Sehgal VK
9 Incisional Hernia: Clinical profile and risk factors

Author: HansRaj Ranga || Udit Jain || M.S. Griwan || Ipsita Aggarwal || Meenu Beniwal || Poonam Dhanda || Vineet Mishra
10 A study to compare Intravenous bolus Phenylephrine and ephedrine in controlling Hypotension under Spinal Anaesthesia for Caesarean Sections

Author: Dr. Ghasiram Agrawal || Dr. Ravi Kumar Goel *
11 COVID-19 Outbreak: Reviewing Various Factors Affecting its Fate

Author: Naresh Pal Singh* || Raj Kumar || Anamika Singh || Takhelchangbam Nilima Devi || Mudit Chauhan
12 Comparative Study of Small Dose Intrathecal Nalbuphine and Dexmedetomidine as Adjuvants in Abdominal Hysterectomy

Author: Dr. Ritchie Edmund Pasweth || Dr. Takhelmayum Hemjit Singh* || Dr. Nongthombam Ratan Singh || Dr. Adrish Banik || Dr. Vasantharajan V || Dr. Malin Debnath
13 A Study on the Incidence and Natural History of Various Types of Arrhythmias in Acute Myocardial Infarction

Author: Dr Prodeep Kumar Padhy, MBBS, DNB (General Medicine) || Dr (Prof) Rajendra Kumar || Dr. Neetika
14 Nocturnal Dipping Status in Ischemic Heart Disease Patients and Its Correlation with Coronary Angiography

Author: Dr Jayanta Saha, MD, DM || Dr Arnab Ray, MD, DM || Dr Kuntal Bhattacharyya*
15 Comparison of CD19, CD8 and FOXP3 Expression among Hydatid Human Liver Infection

Author: Atyaf ali Kadim Al-asadi || Dhamiaa M. Hamza || Sawsan M.Jabbar Al-Hasnawi
16 Dentin Bonding Agents-A Review

Author: Dr.Nikhil.Hatte || Dr.Pravin.Gaikwad || Dr.Neha Gandhi || Dr.Priyanka Bawa || Dr.Pratik.Parkarwar || Dr.Yogesh Jadhav
17 Covid-19 and Dentistry: An Unfolding Crisis

Author: Dr Monika Malik Vigarniya* || Dr Amita Sharma
18 The Study of Serum Homocysteine Level in Cerebrovascular Accident

Author: Dr. Vijay Tammanagoudar* || Dr. Vasant B. Jadhav || Dr. Edwin Stanley || Dr Udit
19 Aggressive plasmablastic lymphoma presenting as nasal mass: an unusual Presentation

Author: Bindu Rajkumar M.D || Utpal Kumar MBBS || Arvind Kumar M.D || Sakshi Garg M.D || Ashok Singh M.D || Dr Monika Singh M.D.
20 Enzymes as targets of Drug Action: an Overview

Author: Dr.Rajmohan Seetharaman || Dr. Manjari Advani || Dr. Smita Mali || Dr. Sudhir Pawar
21 A Cross sectional study to find the association of Carotid Intimal Medial Thickness with LVH in patients of Essential Hypertension

Author: Dr. Bajarang L Bansal || Dr Aakash Tiwari *
22 An epidemiological study of tobacco use among patients attending OPD in Medical College and Research Centre, Mumbai

Author: Dr. Ameya H. Velankar || Dr. Dinesh S. Vaidya || Dr. Deepa H. Velankar*
23 Clinicoetiologic Profile of Acute Kidney Injury in a Tertiary Hospital Of North India

Author: Dr. Suraj Godara || Dr. Chandani Bhagat || Dr. Jitesh Jeswani
24 Aspects from Medical Staff versus General People about COVID-19 in Thailand

Author: Thanawadee Jankiewa || Napatsorn Luchaichanab
25 Assessment of Severity of Anaemia and Associated Variables in 5-10 Years Age Group at a Tertiary Care Centre, Rewa

Author: Dr. Sandeep Singh || Dr. Ambrish Mishra || Dr. Anvita Mishra* || Dr. Meena Patel4
26 Types of COVID-19 testing in Thailand

Author: Sirimanee Sansamer || Sarunya Lertchaitanarak
27 A survey of Thailand teenagers about what do you thinking about who used to be infected COVID-19

Author: Sirimanee Sansamer || Suchanat Pedphung
28 Splenic infarction -Presenting a rare case report of large bowel obstruction

Author: Dr. Hansraj Naga || Dr. Udit Jain || Dr. Nikhil Tayal || Dr. Dechen Peden || Dr. Vhavinder Arora
29 Hyperbilirubinemia : A predictor for perforated appendicitis

Author: Mukesh suvera || Mina Varlekar || Ashish Kharadi || Shreyakumari Patel || Chiral Bamaniya
30 The study of prevalence and prognostic significance of ventricular dyssynchrony in patients with dilated cardiomyopathy

Author: Dr. Thabish Syed || Dr. C.V.N Murthy
31 Attenuation of cardiovascular response to laryngoscopy and intubation: A comparative study between dexmedetomidine hydrochloride and fentanyl citrate

Author: Arunkumar S Yumnam || Binarani M1* || H. Kenedy Singh || RK. Rita Devi || L. Eshori Devi
32 Mortality and Morbidity Pattern in Neonatal and Paediatric Population: A Hospital Based Retrospective Observational Study

Author: Dr. Jui Prashant Andharia || Dr. Shishir P. Mirgunde || Pratiksha Kunachi
33 Estimation of Serum Leptin Levels and Its Effect on Body Mass Index: A Teaching Hospital Based Study

Author: Madhusmita Acharya || Manoj Kumar Yadav || Prafulla Kumar Mishra
34 Analysis of the package inserts-A Prospective Observational Study

Author: Dr Anita.H.Yuwnate || Dr Ananya Chakravorty* || Dr Sagar.D.Phate
35 Transdermal Asenapine for Adult Schizophrenics—an old wine in new bottle

Author: Dr Dwaipayan Sarathi Chakraborty || Dr Shouvik Choudhury
36 Outcome of Diabetic foot with team approach during Lockdown

Author: Dr. Mohammed Riyaz || Dr. Dilip Kumar Kandar
37 Alstrom Syndrome with Bilateral Testicular Atrophy: A Rare Case Report

Author: Sharan Badiger || Siddarthkumar Chawath
38 Extracting Fucoidan from U. Pinnatifida by Acid and Microwave

Author: Jangkanipa Chatsiriwech* || Natthanich Voottisungka || Nigel Mahon
39 Extraction of 2-Acetyl-1-Pyrroline from Pandan Leaves with Hexane

Author: Jangkanipa Chatsiriwech* || Arissara Jirachaikitti || Deacha Chatsiriwech
40 Head and Neck Surgery during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Author: Dr. Antarika Gogoi MDS || Dr. Aneesh Ganguly MDS

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