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International Journal of
Medical Science and Current Research

Volume 3 Issue 2


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1 Serum Levels of Neopterin and Mannose Binding Lectin in Early and Late Onset Neonatal Sepsis

Author: Hassanin Noor Hadi AL-Mussawi || Abeer Thaher Naji AL-Hasnawi || Jalal Ali Ashour || Israa Mustafa Salih Almusawi
2 Knowledge, Attitude and Practices Related To Cervical Cancer among Female Nursing Staff in a Tertiary Care Institute of Most Backward Area of Rural India

Author: Divya Mangla || Shipra Misra* || Shilpa Garg || N.K.Singh || R.D.Wadhwa
3 General Recommendations for Dental Practitioners During/After COVID 19 Pandemic

Author: Dr. Antarika Gogoi
4 Outcome of Minimally Invasive Surgery by J Wire Fixation in Surgical Neck Humerus Fracture

Author: Dr. Rishu Raviraj * || Dr. Sushil Mankar || Dr. Rahul Sakhare
5 A study to assess the socioeconomic condition and prevalence of HIV and Diabetes in TB patient attending DTC Rewa

Author: Dr.Anjana Niranjan || Dr.PahramAdhikari || ShailendraRawal || Dr.Sanjeev Kumar* || Achala Jain
6 Analysis Of UGH Syndrome in Different Types of Intraocular Lenses

Author: Dr. Aseela Banu || Dr. Dhivya Ashok Kumar
7 Kartagener's Syndrome: A Unique Case Report

Author: Dr Laxmi Devi || Dr Ved Praskash || Dr Ankit Kumar*
8 Prevalence of Malignancy in Cholelithiasis: A Cross-Sectional Study in a Tertiary Care Hospital of Odisha

Author: Dr. Braja Mohan Mishra || Dr. Malaya Krishna Nayak || Dr. Satya Prakash Dhal || Dr. Alka Sahu
9 Impact of Sleep Deprivation: Risk of Hypertension and Decline Cognitive Functions in Prehypertensives

Author: Irani F. B.* || Phatale SR
10 Rare Tumor in a Long Standing Scar: Case Report and Review of Literature

Author: Rishabh Sahai || Michael L Anthony || Utpal Kumar || Prashant Pranesh Joshi || Prashant Durgapal || Debarati Chattopadhyay || Ashok Singh
11 Spectrum of Salivary gland lesions - an experience from a Teritiary Care Centre in Uttarakhand

Author: Dr. Reshma Jeladharan || Dr. Vinay N Gowda || *Dr. Michael Leonard Anthony || Dr. Arathi Kunnumbrath || Dr. Vandna Bharti || Dr. Anoushika Mehan || Dr. Prashant Durgapal || Dr. Ashok Singh
12 Evaluation of a Sensitive Multiplex PCR based Minipool NAT for donor blood screening: A Single-Center Experience in Punjab, India

Author: Apra Kalra*
13 Lung Lesions at Autopsy: A Histopathological Study

Author: Anu Gupta || Ruchi Khajuria
14 Reappraising the morphometry of subaxial vertebrae and its clinical implications: a cadaveric cross sectional study in north india

Author: Dr. Vishal Verma || Dr. Dinesh Kumar || Dr. Neelam Vasudeva || Dr. Sumit Sural
15 Sexual Behavior and Factors Associated With Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIS) In Women of Most Backward District Of India

Author: Shipra Misra || Divya Mangla || Ayesha Kaynat || Abhishek Singh || R.D Wadhwa
16 Determinants of skin diseases among secondary school going children in district Meerut

Author: Abhishek Kumar Burman || Rahul Bansal || Saurabh Sharma || Arvind Krishna || Sartaj Ahmad
17 Effect of Matrix Metalloproteinase Synthetic Inhibitors on Shear Bond Strength of Resin-Dentin Interface – An In Vitro Study

Author: Dr. Swapnika. P || Dr. Vamsee Krishna. N*
18 Experimental Comparison of Effectiveness of Different Hand Disinfection Modalities In A Laboratory Setting

Author: Dr Sagar D Phate || Dr Bharti R Daswani* || Dr M S Palewar || Dr Vaishali Kongre || Dr Deepika N Mishra || Dr A S Chandanwale
19 The outcomes of radiotherapy as a curative intent for carcinoma cervix in human immune deficiency virus (HIV) reactive patients in the era of antiretroviral therapy

Author: B. Sreenivasa Rao || Pranabandhu Das || B.V.Subramnian || G.Suresh kumar
20 Study of compliance of doctors with regard to various parameters of patient safety in a tertiary care hospital from North India

Author: Dr. Ennas Chowdhary* || Dr. Farooq A Jan || Dr. Haroon Rashid
21 Chronic Rhinosinusitis as a cause of chronic headache evaluated through diagnostic nasal endoscopy and computed tomography nose and para nasal sinuses

Author: Dr Gangadhara Somayaji MS (ENT) || Dr Razim A Rasheed MS (ENT) || Dr Mubeena
22 Waist Hip Ratio as a Potential Central Adiposity Indicator

Author: Dr. Pallavi Panchu || Dr. Biju Bahuleyan || Dr Rose Babu || Dr Vineetha Vijayan || Miss Anusha Maria Joy
23 Anaphylactic Shock –A Major Crisis in Dental Clinics

Author: Dr. Ranjeet Gandhi || Dr.Salman.Shaikh || Dr. Smita.Lahane || Dr. Pravin.Gaikwad || Dr.Pratik.C.Parkarwar || Dr.Rutuja R.Nirbhavane || Dr.Sagar.Khairnar
24 A Comparison Study of Postural Variation in Peak Expiratory Flow Rates in Healthy Adults

Author: Dr. Namrata Parekh
25 Prevalence of Depression, Anxiety and Stress among Patients of Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus and Effect of Glycemic Control on Depression Anxiety and Stress in Tertiary Care Center

Author: Brijesh Kumar || Shri Krishna Gautam || Mohd. Sajid khan || Richa Giri || Saurabh Agarwal || Anita
26 Delaying decline in pulmonary functions with physical activity – A cross-sectional study

Author: Rosemary Peter1* || Sushma Sood || Ashwani Dhawan
27 Species Spectrum, Resistance Pattern and Predisposing Factors in Candidemia: A Five-Year Study

Author: Dr. Ruchi Rati || Dr Aparna Pandey || DrAshima JainVidyarthi || DrNamitaJaggi
28 Association of Maternal and Neonatal Iron Indices

Author: Nupur Hooja || Surabhi Arora || Brijesh Dadhich || Alka Batar *|| Kisnaram || Neha Singh
29 Association of Maternal Complications with Severity and Time of Onset of Hypertensive Disease of Pregnancy

Author: Nupur Hooja || Kritika Tulani || Alka Batar || Brijesh Dadhich* || Kisnaram || Neha Singh
30 Evaluation of Ascitic Fluid with Reference to Serum Ascites Albumin Gradient Vs Serum Ascites Cholesterol Gradient

Author: Shri Krishna Gautam || Brijesh Kumar* || Surya Prakash || Richa Giri || J.S.Kushwaha || Anita || Santosh Burman
31 Study of Outcome and Post-Infection Sequelae of H1N1 Viral Pneumonia

Author: Dr. Vishal B. Padwale* || Dr. Chidanand G. Chivate || Dr Harshal Patil || Dr. Satyajeet V. Borade
32 Detection of Polymyxin Resistance in Carbapenem Resistant Enterobacteriaceae by the Rapid Polymyxin NP Test

Author: Ashish Anshuman || Ambica R || G.R.Kusuma
33 Evaluation of Mass Drug Administration (MDA) for elimination of Lymphatic Filariasis in Datia District of Central India

Author: G. Ahirwar || P. Adhikari || R.Tiwari || H. Gautam || H. shivhare
34 Evaluation of Periodontal Tissue Response Following Insertion of Fixed Partial Denture

Author: Dr Maya Indurkar || Dr. Jui Sarfare*
35 Reviewing Neurofibroma with a case: A veiled tumour of the mandible

Author: Dr. Prachi Anand || Dr. Sunira Chandra || Dr.Shruti Sinha || Dr. Dewanshu Kumar
36 Ultrasound-Guided Obturator Nerve Block: an interfascial injection approach without nerve stimulation

Author: Pradipta Kumar Patel || Dulal Kisun Soren || Mahendra Ekka || Saransh Mishra || Lisha Panda
37 An Unusual Presentation of Emphysematous Cystitis in Carcinoma Stomach– a Case Report

Author: Gorrepati Rohith || Rajesh B. S.* || Rajarathinam Vaishanavidevi
38 Assessment of Immunisation Status of under Five Children Attending OPD of Balakati CHC, Bhubaneswar from August 2018 To December 2018

Author: Dr. Abinasha Mohapatra || Prof. Asishbala Mohapatra || Dr. Pragyan Paramita Bairisal
39 Comparison of Three Obturating Techniques Using Phosphor Imaging Plate System in Primary Molars-An In-Vivo Study

Author: Dr Joseph Thomas || Dr Umapathy Thimmegowda || Dr Nagarathna C
40 Clinico - Radiological presentation of Bronchiectasis: An Indian study

Author: Dr Laxmi Devi || Dr Ankit Kumar*
41 Utility of Image guided Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology in diagnosis of Hepatobiliary mass lesions in a Tertiary care Hospital of Jammu Divison

Author: Rajat Gupta || Anu Gupta || Subhash Bhardwaj
42 Meconium Stained Amniotic Fluid in Term Pregnancy and Perinatal Outcome

Author: Dr. Srinivasa. S || Dr. Muragesh Awati*|| Dr. Shylaja Dheemanth || Dr. Sweta Ghosh || Dr. Pramukh Arun Kumar || Dr. Mahati Dasari
43 Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy and Its Correlation with Perinatal Outcomes

Author: Dr. Poornima Shankar || Dr. Muragesh Awati || Dr. G. Nita || Dr. Pramukh Arun Kumar || Dr. Mahati Dasari
44 Evaluating perioperative parameters in monopolar and bipolar transurethral resection of prostate

Author: Ankit Gupta || Krishna K. Singh* || Gunjeet Kaur || Dhirendra Pratap || H. S. Pahwa || Ajay Kumar Pal || Awanish Kumar
45 Flowcytometric Study of Hla- B27/ B7 And It’s Correlation With Inflammatory Markers ( Esr, Crp) In Cases of Ankylosing Spondylitis, Patients Attending M.Y. Hospital Indore

Author: Ashok Panchonia || Sachin Sharma || Sanjay Dubey || Sonal Meshram
46 Assessment of Medication Non- Adherence in Hypothyroid Patients

Author: B. Pravallika || SK. Mubin Pasha || B. Sridhar || P. Manjula*
47 Comparative study of Bupivacaine and Ropivacaine in axillary brachial plexus block: A clinical study

Author: Dr. Hansraj Baghel || Dr. Subhash Kumar Agrawal* || Dr. S.Dwivedi || Dr. A. S. Yadav
48 Effectiveness of Buffy Coat Smear and Buffy Coat Culture in Diagnosing Neonatal Septicemia

Author: Dr. Girish.N || Dr. Muragesh Awati || Dr. Sunil. B || Dr. Pramukh Arun Kumar || Dr. Mahati Dasari
49 Role Of CSF IL- 1 And Il- 6 In Diagnosis Of Meningitis In Pediatric Patients And Their Potential Role As Markers Of Differential Diagnosis In Aseptic And Bacterial Meningitis

Author: Dr.Danish Rafiq || Dr. Mudasir Nazir Wani || Dr. Irshad Ahmad Bhat || Dr.SyedWajid Ali || Mr. Suhail Jogi || Dr. Sadia Shabir || Ms. Shazia Gurgani
50 Role of cytology in the diagnosis of various cases of pleural effusion

Author: Dr.Neerja Kain || Prof. Dr. Ashok Panchonia || Dr. Manish Panth || Dr. Smita Dohrey || Dr. Chandrashekhar Chhatrasal
51 Recent antidiabetic drugs and anaesthetic concerns

Author: Dr.Preya.R || Dr. S. Parthasarathy
52 Fenestrations in the Aortic Cusps: A Cadaveric Study in South India

Author: Dalbir Kaur* || Karandeep Singh
53 Study of Drug Utilization Pattern in Hypertensive Patients with or Without Co-Morbidities Visiting an Outpatient Department at Tertiary Healthcare Hospital

Author: Dr Prajakta T. Kolhe || Dr Milind L. Pardeshi* || Dr Balasaheb B. Ghongane
54 Vitiligo in orofacial region: A Review

Author: Dr. Vasundhara Bandagi || Dr. Abhay Kulkarni || Dr. Rajendra Birangane || Dr. Sanjeev Onkar || Dr. Rohan Chaudhari || Dr. Pratik Parkarwar
55 Ultrasound guided local anaesthetic with steroid injection for de-quervain tenosynovitis – a report of two cases

Author: Dr.Preya.R || Dr. S. Parthasarathy
56 A Study To Assess The Knowledge And Attitude Of Undergraduate Boys And Girls Regarding Deliberate Self Harm In Selected Educational Institutions Of Bangalore With View To Develop Information Booklet

Author: Iqbal Majid Dar || Mohd Sohail Jogi || Syed Shahib Siraj || Zeenat Farooq || Nazia Bashir || Tabasum Asraf || Zamrooda Akhtar || Sameer Ahmad
57 Indications and Outcome Of Modified Implant Dacryocystorhinostomy- A Longitudinal Study

Author: Dr. Mona Deshmukh || Dr. Nikhilesh Wairagade* || Dr. Rahul Bhatti
58 An Unusual Case of Penile Necrosis: Warfarin Induced Calciphylaxis

Author: Dr. Tanmay R Londhe* || Dr. Md Anwar A Hossain || Dr. Rachel A Sennett

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