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International Journal of
Medical Science and Current Research

Volume 2 Issue 6


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1 An In Vitro Evaluation of Dentinal Crack Formation by Conventional Hand Filing and Three Different Rotary File Systems

Author: Dr. Shweta R. Gangavane || Dr. M. Robert Justin
2 Study of fine needle aspiration cytology of lymph node for the diagnosis of various diseases 02 year study in our institute

Author: Dr Upma Gupta || Dr Vijeta Niranjan || Dr.Chandrashekhar Chhatrasal || Prof Dr Ashok Panchonia
3 Diagnostic Accuracy of Drop-Peroxide Test to Differentiate Transudative and Exudative Pleural Effusion

Author: Dr.K.Phanindra Vasu || Prof.K.V.V.Vijaya Kumar* || Dr.Ch.R.N.Bhushan Rao MD || Dr. A.Ayyappa MD || Dr.B.M.S. Patrudu MD || Dr.G.Rajyalakshmi || Dr.C.L.N.Yamini Priyanka
4 Clinicopathological Profile and Treatment Outcome of Carcinoma Stomach

Author: Dr Hare Krishna Majhi || Dr Tapan Kumar Nayak || Dr Dibya Singh Meher || Dr Bapun Nayak
5 Role of MR imaging in the evaluation of etiology of seizures: an Observational Cross Sectional Study

Author: Dr Krishna chidrawar || Dr Sanjay shahu || Dr Avinash Dhok || Dr. Samir Dere || Dr Sidharth Sharma || D sandeep chude
6 Morphological classification of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukaemia by French American British (FAB) classification and study of prognosis of pure Burkitt leukemia and Burkitt lymphoma- 02 year study in our institute

Author: DrPoonam Nanwani || Dr Upma Gupta || Prof Dr.Ashok Panchonia || Dr Sativan Khatri || Dr.VijetaNiranjan
7 Predisposing Factors, Complications and Management of Cellulitis in Warangal Region

Author: Y. Srividya || Sk. Saavin Husna || D. Sudheer Kumar || P. Kishore
8 Neurological manifestations of Rare Systemic Diseases

Author: Dr. Jagruti Jain || Dr. Manohar Joshi || Dr. Darshankumar Chandak
9 Malignant Mixed Mullerian Tumor of Ovary with Metastatic Deposits – A Case Report

Author: Dr. Niti Dalal || Dr. Promil Jain || Dr. Arushi Goel || Dr. Sonu Choudhary || Dr. Veena Gupta || Dr. Rajeev Sen
10 A Case Report on Phenytoin Induced Steven Johnson Syndrome in Generalised Tonic Clonic Seizures

Author: Geetha Alekhya.K || Mohsina Banu.K* || Dr. Bassy K Alias || Mansura Begum || Niharika
11 Hard palate actinomycotic nodule with reactive actinomycotic tonsillar lesion: A Case Report

Author: Dr. Shweta Rana
12 Open Onlay versus Preperitoneal Mesh Repair in Ventral Hernias: An Observational Study

Author: Ashok Kumar Nayak || Debasis Naik || Saroj Kant Sahoo || Chandra Sekhar Behera*
13 Prevalence of Complications and their Associated Risk Factors in Female Reproductive System

Author: S. Srivani || V. Akhila || G. Arundhati Sai || P. Manjula*
14 Evaluation of Autonomic Nervous Dysfunction in Patients with Bronchial Asthma by Non Invasive Tests and Its Comparison with Autonomic Nervous Dysfunction in Non Asthmatic Controls

Author: Dr. Dharmendra Jhavar || Dr. Sarang Mahanaik* || Dr. Archana Verma || Dr. Dattaprasad Ganganpalli || Dr. Umesh Kumar Chandra || Dr. Sudhir Mourya
15 Study of Hand-mirror cell leukemia among 215 cases of Acute Myeloblastic and Lymphoblastic Leukemia

Author: DrPoonam Nanwani || Dr Upma Gupta || Prof Dr.Ashok Panchonia || Dr Sativan Khatri || Dr.VijetaNiranjan
16 Histopathological study of non neoplastic lesions of Nephrectomy Specimens

Author: Dr.Urvashi Andotra || Aneeta Singh Malhotra || Harminder Kaur Rai || Arvind Khajuria || Era Hans
17 An Observational Study to determine relation between various Indices of Acute Pancreatitis

Author: Dr. Subhash Chander Grover || Dr.Gambheer Singh*
18 Will a short stay unit improve quality of care: a 1-year review study of the most equipped SSU in Saudi Arabia?

Author: Abdulrahman Mohammed Barri || Abdullah Alharbi
19 Pre- pubertal Yolk sac tumor: a Case Report

Author: Dr. Shweta Rana || Dr. Shyam Sunder Nagpal

Author: Dr.Prattay Guha Sarkar|| Dr.Prakash Kumar

Author: Dr. Anchal Gupta* || Dr. Neharika Pathak || Dr. Padam Singh Jamwal
22 Clinicopathological Profile of Renal Dysfunction in People Living With HIV and Aids

Author: Dr Subrata Halder || Dr Sudipta Saha || Dr C Zarzosangi || Dr Santanu Mondal
23 Interpreting chest radiographs in the elderly – A clinician’s guide

Author: Jasjit Singh || Sachin Maggo || Amba Prasad Dubey || Nilabh Kumar Singh || Awanish Karan || Uthara K Sadananden
24 Nasal Foreign Bodies- Our Experience

Author: Anchal Gupta* || Amit Mahajan || Padam Singh Jamwal
25 A Cross Sectional study on the factors affecting the age of menarche among adolescent girls in and around a medical college of Wardha Region

Author: Dr. Anupama Sawal || Dr. Brij R Singh¹* || Dr.Ujwal Gajbe || Ms. Pranali Bhoyar || Ms Sampada Late
26 Duodenum-Jejunum Junction Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumour: A Diagnostic Dilemma on Cytology

Author: Bhavana Garg || Rashmi Monteiro*
27 Mechanical Consideration of Mini-Implants - A Short Review

Author: Dr. Aishwarya.K || Dr. Ashwin.K.S || Dr. Poorna Devadoss
28 A Study of Microalbuminuria in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients Coming In OPD of A Tertiary Medical Care Institute

Author: Dr. PavanKumar N Namewar || Dr. Ashok M Ganjre
29 Diagnostic Utility of Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology in Head and Neck Lesion: A Retrospective Study

Author: Dr.Priyanka Agrawal || Dr. Yogita Singh Tomar || Dr. U.R. Singh
30 Ethnobotanical Studies & Economic Evaluation of Medicinal Plants of Chhotanagpur Plateau Region

Author: Pushpa Singh || Pranav Kumar || Rajeev Kumar
31 Factors Affecting Mortality and Morbidity in Peptic Ulcer Perforation

Author: Mahapatra S K || Roul Saroj Kumar || Mahapatra Srimant
32 Eccrine spiradenoma : A Rare Adnexal Tumour with An Unusual Presentation

Author: Dr.Bhavana Garg || Dr.Shashi Sujanani
33 Assessing the efficacy of Oxitard capsules in the management of Oral Submucous Fibrosis

Author: Dr. Samar Ali Faraz || Dr. Kirandevi C Puranik || Dr. Pratik Parkarwar || Dr. Supriya S Sankpal || Dr. Sagar Khairnar ||Dr. Usama Kharadi
34 An In Vivo Study to Compare the Efficacy of Pentoxifylline in OSMF

Author: Dr. Samar Ali Faraz || Dr. Kirandevi C Puranik || Dr. Pratik Parkarwar || Dr. Supriya S Sankpal || Dr. Usama Kharadi || Dr. Sagar Khairnar
35 Types of Motivation Driving Thai High School Students to enter Medical Schools

Author: Phurich Rattanapaiboon || Rachata Muksombat || Prapassorn Jamprasert || Atthaman Chalermsean || Pratchayapong Yasri
36 A Case Report on Salmonella Paratyphi B Infection

Author: Dr.Tejashree.A || Badveti Satya Sai || Swathi.K || Dr.Vidyavathi.B || Krishna Karthik.M
37 Atherogenic Indices- The Risk Indicators in Hypothyroidism?

Author: Dr. Seethalakshmi.K* || Dr.Biju Bahuleyan || Dr. Sunil.K.Menon
38 A study on the assessment of Noise Induced Hearing Loss among adult factory workers

Author: Dr. Prafulla Sakhare || Dr.Sharmistha Chakravarty
39 Rare presentation of calcifying epithelial odontogenic Cyst (Type 1A) of maxilla– A diagnostic challenge

Author: Dimla Denny Cheruvathoor || Bhupender Singh Negi || Sruthy Davis
40 Comparison of Efficacy of Oral and Rectal Acetaminophen in Rapid Reduction of Fever in Children between Ages of 6 Months to 17 Years Admitted To Ward

Author: Dr.Poornima Shankar || Dr.Abirami Meenakshi Chandrasekaran
41 Zika virus, a deadly ghost of pregnancy haunts us with the saying - care or bear the consequences

Author: Uneza Husain || Ketan Priyadarshi
42 A Study of Echocardiographical Findings in Obese Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients from Central India

Author: Dr. Umesh Kumar Chandra || Dr. Sumit Kumar Vishwakarma2* || Dr. Dharmendra Jhavar || Dr. Shivshankar Badole || Dr. Bharat Kumar Parmar
43 Role of Intra-articular Steroid Injection in Primary adhesive capsulitis of shoulder

Author: Sayar Ahmad Mantoo || *Dr. Mudasir Nazir Bhat || Farooq Ahmad Lone
44 Comparison of Cardiovascular Risk by Lipid Profile Test in Fasting and Random Blood Samples

Author: Dr Monali Rewatkar || Dr Arun Tadas
45 Does Immediate Post-Operative Severity of Facial Nerve Palsy Predicts Its Recovery in Parotidectomy Patients – Our Experience

Author: Dr. Pandu Dasappa || Dr. Bhagavan B C || Dr. Prajwal R K
46 To Study the Clinical Profile and Electrocardiogram Findings in Obese Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients in Central India

Author: Dr. Vinod Verma || Dr. Dattaprasad Ganganpalli* || Dr. Dharmendra Jhavar || Dr. Sumit Kumar Vishwakarma || Dr. Bharat Kumar Paramar
47 Evaluation of Dentinal Defects after Root Canal Preparation Using Various Rotary Nickel Titanium Files – An Invitro Study

Author: Karthick K || Kameswaran D * || Sebeena Mathew || Boopathi T || Deepa NT || Dinakaran LM
48 Role of Matrix Metalloproteinase in Different Types of Cancer and Other Pathological Conditions

Author: N.Ranjith || D. Sudheer Kumar || P. Kishore*
49 Evaluation of Functional results of distal end radius fractures managed by ligamentotaxis with or without percutaneous K -wire augmentation

Author: Mudasir Nazir Bhat || Sayar Ahmad Mantoo || Mansoor Ahmad Teli || Tarun Baghla
50 Needle percutaneous fasciotomy (needle aponeurotomy) for Dupuytrens contractures

Author: Syed Shahnawaz || Irshad A Ganie || Mudasir Nazir || Imtiyaz Ahmad
51 Alcohol use disorders amongst tubercular patients and its association with treatment adherence and outcome: a study at Northern Indian Medical Institution

Author: Dr Bharat Bhushan || Dr Ashok Kumar || Dr Jain Thomas Chungath || Dr Heena Bharti
52 Ethical Aspect of Human Cadaveric Dissection in Teaching and Learning Method of Anatomy

Author: Navgire Varsha || Gaikawad Jyoti * || Tawate Aparna
53 Assessment of TB centers having CBNAAT facility and to find out the impact of CBNAAT in MDR Tuberculosis cases detection in a cosmopolitan city of Madhya Pradesh- A cross sectional study

Author: Dr.Anand Kumar Patidar || Dr.Jageshwar Dayal Kori || Dr.S.B.Bansal || Dr.Deepa Raghunath3
54 A Review on Pharmacology of Septic Shock

Author: Kuchana Nitish Kumar* || Gundeti Sreeja
55 A Study on Assertive Behavior and Self Esteem among Nursing Students in a Selected College at Manglore

Author: Femia Cyril || Gina Thomas || Gisele Santhmayor || Glenseema D’souza || Glenita Fernandes1 Preethi Fernandes
56 Advantages and disadvantages usage of Galactomannan ELISA assay for detection of Aspergillosis

Author: Mozahim A Jawad || Anwar Abdul Hussein Alkharasani || Firas Abbs Zanki || Ali Abdul Hussein S. AL-Janabi || Roaa Noori Ali
57 Efficacy of Lycopene Capsules in Oral Submucous Fibrosis

Author: Dr. Samar Ali Faraz || Dr. Pratik Parkarwar || Dr. Prashant Kore || Dr. Shruti Wadne || Dr. Vasundhara Bandagi || Dr. Usama Kharadi
58 Variations of Coronoid Process in Adult Human Mandible in Eastern Region of West Bengal

59 Feeding Techniques for New Born Babies with Non-Syndromic Cleft Lip and Palate with an Insight on Naso Alveolar Moulding Therapy and Dental Treatment Line -A Review

Author: Sangeetha morekonda Gnaneswar || Nirmala Anandan
60 Para tracheal air cyst - a Case Report

Author: Dr. Rahul Deep G || Dr. Yashas Ullas L || Dr. Antarika Gogoi || Dr. Varun Deep G
61 Psychological morbidity among female textile workers in Pondicherry, South India: A cross sectional study

Author: Dr Punithakumary P || Dr Subitha L || Dr Susila T || Dr Gautam Roy
62 Evaluation and Characterisation of Brain Tumors by Perfusion Weighted MRI

Author: Dr. Chinmaya S Kudari* || Dr. Sandeep Ballal || Dr. Sanjay SC
63 A Clinical Study of Dentigerous Cyst its Sites of involvement and Surgical outcome in ENT practice

Author: Vamshi Krishna Rao Koppula || Lingaiah Jadi *|| Deepak Kumar Phulwani || Manoj Gunde || Vineel Muppidi

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